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  1. If you plan to keep your wedges for as long as you had your last ones i would not hesitate to work with Scott. Having had the chance to speak with him multiple times, and listen to his depth of experience - he is a panelist in for the golfWRX best of series, it would be well worth it.
  2. Loving mine, used them all year so far... They patina nicely
  3. Australia and the sand belt, or Scotland, if you could make it sunny all the time
  4. Well there you go - I stand corrected. Either way I still think I'd rather clean my clubs and have consistent control
  5. When it comes to wedges and sand the OP isn't wrong - it can help add spin. Andrew Rice, a well respected teacher and trackman guru has tested it along with how clean vs just dirty wedges react - https://www.andrewricegolf.com/andrew-rice-golf/2015/9/spinning-the-wedges-friction
  6. I'm in elevate tours and really love them - using a "mid spin" iron the flight is high and flat, absolutely perfect for me. I've previously used PX LZ 6.0 and AMT Tour Issue both great but the elevate for me is just better
  7. Please note:Mizuno has NOT added .5" to the JPX921 series stock lengths. There was a mistake while transferring the data when doing the graphics for the launch piece and we have corrected that mistake. They continue to base the stock specs off of a 37" 7 Iron Ryan
  8. Middle breaks are VERY rare - especially if you've been using it for more than one round already. My questions would be - any way the middle of your bag was stressed diving travel to and from the course? Have you recently hit your bag? - this one is important and to be clear I'm not asking because I'm assessing you blame, but since the driver sits near the top of the bag for most golfers, even a small hit with a wedge of iron could cause enough damage to the shaft to snap during a swing. Did your car trunk potentially pinch your bag in that area when closed? I hope it gets sorted one was or t
  9. VERY similar if not a slightly modified Fourteen FH900 head from a great forging company. The biggest upgrade seems to be the addition of Tungsten into the longer grindworks irons and the framing on the grooves that look AMAZING!!!
  10. J33R Driver - NOT selling it EVER again ( this ons is my 4th and final one )
  11. Pardon the camera work - this was still while I was setting up my shop, but this is how its done - Properly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WjX5nJ6ChcAnd the results:
  12. I love these shoes!! Like many have said, I wear them to the course, on the course, and after. Tones of traction, even in wet conditions or dew ( although not entirely waterproof ) and I couldnt be happier. Considering I have pretty wide feet, it eliminates so many shoe brands but the TRUE stuff is perfect for me
  13. This is a fun thread and I really wanted to chime in. I have a number of sets both newer and older, and as a club builder I build all of my clubs from the ground up. Like so many Golfwrxer's, I have a few sets, these are my (current) pride and joy gamers! Driver ( ok so this is an immediate cop out but I have two I rotate ) 1- TaylorMade SIM 8° at standard with ProjectX Even Flow Blue - very low spin and thats why this combo works so well. 2- Mizuno ST200G set to 7° with UST LIN-Q Fairway Woods TaylorMade SIM Ti Rocket set to standard with Fuji Motore F1 7X. I also have a SIM Ti 19° 5 Wood
  14. I like the 3 wood because of its versatility, but if carrying 8 I have a driver and one other fairway, while everything else will stay the same. Having done some testing, the 3wood set to lower ( 12° ) is just 10-15 yards behind the driver off the tee.
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