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  1. Angle of descent is the most important number for holding greens.
  2. Heres all the info, and some additional pictures: https://www.golfwrx.com/650873/edel-introduces-swing-match-wedges-for-2021/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Center_Top&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=main
  3. I have bought and sold and bought a Bridgestone J33R driver no less than 3 times and after buying one again for a great deal 2 years ago - Im never selling it ever again. It was never the exact same one but it was the same model so I think that qualifies
  4. There is tens of thousands of dollars ( in the market value ) of putters on the green - insane. But as others have already mentioned, Im shocked to see him continually test the same style even thought his putter is lukewarm at the best of times.
  5. All the results came from the fitters we interviewed and the survey included every current model fairway wood on the market. The reason any one club is either on or not on this list is based solely on what the fitters encounter on a day to day basis while working with golfers based on the two categories. Any fairway wood on or off this list could be the perfect fit you you based on your swing dynamics, but this list is intended to be a baseline for golfers to start their selection process.
  6. For those that have asked, yes other drivers from OEM including Mizuno, Srixon, and PXG were included and from all the conversations I had with each of the fitters also perform extremely well, but this comes down to who the fitters' vote for based on "in the fitting bay results" and we have no influence on that - absolutely ZERO. We state right from the top "In 2021, OEMs have continued to impress us with their ability to utilize new technology and manufacturing methods to create drivers that offer forgiveness and faster more consistent club faces, along with better adj
  7. We had an idea this might happen from pictures we got earlier in the week and thanks to reporting from our own JW when Louis was spotted talking with Adam Scott about his AutoFlex https://www.golfwrx.com/648385/wgc-workday-championship-tour-truck-report-new-putter-for-rory-more-autoflex-experiments/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Latest&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
  8. Light weight and low spin don't generally match up when it comes to irons shafts unless you are looking at graphite because of the homogeneous nature of steel. Light weight steel is way more flexible than graphite shafts at the same weight when compared flex to flex ( although that is never quite exact ) Also when it comes to spin and height, iron head design plays a MASSIVE factor based on sole width, and CoG location relative to the shaft and offset - a shaft is only going to play a minimal role in spin compared to player dynamics and club head design. If you are look
  9. Accra makes some wedge specific shafts in 90 and 130g. http://accragolf.com/iwedge-shafts/
  10. Time to add to my list... I just acquired and rebuilt this set that I had wanted for a VERY long time - Adams CMBs
  11. I believe the big thing with putters is the ability to help golfers that putt poorly and create poor dynamics, As others have stated the technology is in the fit and less so in the ability to tweak one small factor or another - but in the same breathe they are getting better generation over generation - especially drivers and metal woods. A great putter with a 40 year old blade is still going to be a great putter, but a poor putter with some face technology to help with their bad dynamics and a larger shape to help alignment can bring with it some big improvement. Ive seen it too many t
  12. Endo forged, micro milled face, super soft, crazy value if you can find a nice used set - These were the last forged irons Cleveland did before ( cleveland/srixon) went full bore with srixon irons in the US and other than the sole grind Tour VT are the pre (X)45 series blades 945s and cavity, the famous 745.
  13. heeee's BACK!!!! What a fantastically in depth review, thanks PURE
  14. I have a combo set of the R1 CB and MB's and absolutely love the looks and feel of them. I'm neither steep or shallow and would say if anything I can get steeper and in the softer conditions I play in the turf interaction is A+ ( pun slightly intended ) They also feel superb!
  15. These look really cool!! Depending on the adhesive strength of the tape you could also find some #m mounting tape down the line to do the same thing.
  16. To the OP, another option would be to keep your current irons and just combo on the top end with the new HMB or if you could find the 4-6 iron MP18 flihis ( which went from 2-6iron) you could build a properly gapped set and keep the irons you already like.
  17. I played and loved Mizuno MP54's. The best modern equivalent in the Mizuno line would be the newest 921 Forged unless you are looking for a bigger club in which case the 921 HotMetal pro would be the next best option. The other option in the MP line is something you have already suggested and that is a mixed set in which case I would suggest the MP20 MMC short irons paired with the HMB.
  18. You are perfectly describing the JPX 921 Tour... To give you and example here is an MP62 ( same profile as the 64 ) next to the JPX921 Tour from address. The 921 Tour has a thick muscle for improved feel, and is made from the same grain flow forged 1025E carbon steel as irons in the MP line - except HD grain flow forged vs the original method.
  19. Overall they will play similar - the 501 has a blunted leading edge but a wider sole. The one main thing to keep in mind is the lofts on the srixon are stronger and will help with lower spin and a potentially lower flight - this could be negated by bending the miuras stronger but you will end up with more offset and less bounce. The 501 also have a wider sole than people expect which helps make them very forgiving for their looks but also means the ball has the potential to launch higher which is sounds like is something you arent looking for
  20. Great head and great shaft - the most important thing is if they will work for you. A little more info on what you are using now and what you like or dislike about it and your tendencies would go a long way in providing feedback. Ryan
  21. DJ's team, just needs to keep him away from stairs and jet skids until April and he could go back to back
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