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  1. That was my thought. I quit for 10 years and the older guys I play with are longer than me off the tee. We have par 5 holes where after 3 good shots I still have a full wedge into the hole. It’s not even close to fair. Plus I’m Hitting long irons or woods on every par 4. But I generally par the par 3 holes because I hit the green and 2 putt. It’s about fairness to me
  2. I got fit three weeks ago. Thought I wanted the 710 irons but the g410 were a lot more solid for me and longer. I didn’t like the huge face or the sound of the 710
  3. My clubs never leave my cart and I rarely use the pockets so I’m most interested in the clubs and keeping my new sticks purty!
  4. All my buddies are using or going to either the c130 or the founders club isolation bag. I’m a little different and don’t follow the crowd. So I found a Bennington 9 isolation bag for my coming g410 clubs. Has anyone had any experience with these. The reviews are all great and people comment on quality of bag. It’s coming by end of week. Paid 130 bucks plus shipping used on eBay. New the bag is 3-350 bucks. The bag I bought looks new in the pictures
  5. I’m ordering mine tomorrow. My swing speed is 90 mph with a 7 iron. I’m ordering the dynamic gold s300 130 gram shafts in d4 swing weight in all the clubs. 6-sw. I picked out a 4 hybrid and lofted up my 3 wood to 18 degrees. I was hitting the 3 wood 215 carry with run out on monitor. Fit into a SFT driver. With an 85 gram even flow shaft. And I’ve got new clubs. I had been experimenting with lighter shafts but I’m a really aggressive strong swing guy so the shafts just never caught up and I was all over the place. After fitting I finally pulled out my eye 2 irons I’ve played since 1987 and p
  6. I’ll check it out. I carry 2 cart bags on my cart. I put woods in one and irons and putter in the other.
  7. He settled on a shaft pretty quickly. I hit the bendy ones and was all over the place.
  8. I was getting a little tired by the time I got to driver you are correct. But based on what he had seen before he put me into a heavy even flow shaft because of my quick aggressive tempo. And I wasn’t as consistent but we both agreed it was because I was getting tired. When I slowed down and concentrated I killed it. Lol. I play 3-5 days a week and depending on weather hit 2 buckets of balls plus 1-200 half wedges when I practice. Before I play. A lot of the time I practice and then play a quick nine ending at my house. This allows me to play with my wedges which I like to do. Lol
  9. i waited 2 years and have been playing golf for 30 plus years. Did I need new sticks? Probably not. Did I earn the money to buy the house in a golf course ....two golf carts... a membership in the club... golf trips... absolutely! Twenty one hundred bucks isn’t going to kill me. I am playing currently with a set of x12 irons and a used ping g30 driver. And 3 wood. I have more in the dri tac grips than I do the clubs. Yes I’m a 15 handicap but I practice a lot and from 150 yards in I can compete with any scratch golfer we have because I’ve done it. It was my driver and longer clubs killing m
  10. Bride? I call her “ she who must be obeyed “ just ask the dog he will tell you. But yes she’s awesome even makes a good sammich!
  11. I have 2 ping bags but I’m thinking about a Founders Club Bag to protect the new sticks. I have a couple friends who have them and they seem to do a good job of keeping the clubs slotted and all where you put them. I live on the course and my clubs never leave my cart. Or I may go with a c130 cart bag.
  12. My wonderful wife encouraged me to buy new clubs. I told her it could be up to $5 grand just throwing a big number out there. She said go for it! I was shocked.to say the least. I am a 15-20 handicap depending on the day. My swing speed stays around 90 mph with a pull fade being my miss. I have a pretty fast tempo with a pretty straight game. I don’t miss a lot of fairways but I needed distance. I practice a lot and I’m getting better. I thought I wanted graphite shafts with a distance gain. I was looking at mainly 3 super game improvement irons but open to suggestions I’m not high
  13. To me it’s about having fun. I usually par every par 3 and double the par 5 holes. Because I can’t get close in regulation from the white tees. Our course has 4 sets of tees.
  14. Looking for input I’m a 1 plane swinger. Shot is a dead straight finish 20 yard pull fade. Closed face at impact 225-235 average driver 150 7 iron 36 degrees iron.
  15. Yes I agree. It is kinda disheartening to par all the par threes but make double bogey on the par 5 holes because you are hitting your 4th into the green. It only takes a little to blow the hole. I noticed that I was having par on every par 3. And shorter par 4. I will hopefully get longer again. I was trying to jump out of my shoes to hit that 1 in 20 tee shot that goes further but most of the time it was hurting my game because I wasn’t as accurate because I was trying to kill it.
  16. I just don’t like never being able to get home in 3 on par 5 holes. You shouldn’t be hitting 100 yards on your 4th shot
  17. I’m 51 and quit playing for 10 years. I lost 20-30 yards with every club. I struggle from the white tees because I’m just not long enough. I hit woods into every hole. This week I moved up a set and my score dropped below 90 for first time. The old guys I play with hit the ball a comparably distances to me but I was giving them up to 100 yards on some holes. When is it ok to move up a set of tees. The course fits me better from the gold tees. Thanks in advance. Warren B
  18. My group plays every day at 10. We are usually done with everything and settling bets at 130. Our usual group has 12-20 players in groups of 4. With 16 ish being about average. 3 1/2 hours isn’t too much to ask. Is it? People who don’t let others through are a problem on public courses. Glad I’m here. Lol
  19. So I played today and the clubs feel better I was able feel the head a little better which helped me to slow down my over fast transition and keep me on plane!
  20. Pelican off the post? I’ve got that shot!
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