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  1. Thanks for the explanation! Hopefully helps with gapping aswell since i never really managed to fix it between PW and gap. 50 little or no gap and 52 abit too much. Saves me the time learing how to 3/4 my PW
  2. Thanks for feedback The guy at the shop said i could. No idea what swingweight is or how it would affect my game. But thanks
  3. Except the disadvantage of not having many bounce and grind options. Is there any reason to not game these? Anyone have experience from using them? They are gourgeos and there is a possibility to get them for a fair price here in Sweden. Bonus question: If I play 1” longer irons wouldn’t it make sence to have longer shafts in wedges too? For some reason I’ve never had this and never thought About it before.
  4. Mizuno MP30. came back to golf after roughly 10 years of inactivity. Tried many new sets. Bought the P790. Switched back after half of the season. Best decision ever, only thing i fear is when they eventually Will be to worn out.
  5. Hey Guys, I went out for a demo on the 17° G410 Tour Hybrid. For the most part i found that it didnt quite give me the range I hoped for. i hit my 3 iron 200-220yards depending on how well i strike it and i was looking for something that would give me maybe 220-245 yards of fairway. Felt that the hybrid i tested was more like 210-230yards which doesnt really help me that much more. I did however love the club. So do I: 1. Set it to 15.5° and expect to hit it longer? 2. Look for a 3/4/5 Wood. From what i've gathered I can expect to hit a 5 wood longer than a 3 iron or a 2 hybrid? is
  6. Hi, Currently playing the MP30s from mid 2000. I've recently started playing quite actively again, played golf all my life but when I started university I went inactive for about 10 years. I'm having troubles hitting my 3/4 iron consistently. Sometimes great shots but 50% its halfassed shots and I might as well have hit a perfect 5-iron in terms of accuracy and distance. Intrigued by the debate regarding same-length irons I wonder if this might be something for me? What would be the expected result? I love my Irons and have no real desire to change them for something new. Could a shor
  7. Thanks for all your input guys. It's not like i hit all my irons perfect and could definitely use some extra forgiveness I will set my prio on: 1. Re-gripp (this i already knew). New grips based on feel rather than theory. 2. Driving Iron. (will test a few different ones) 3. New driver Question about grips: When browsing YT and different sites i always come across these new halfcord grips. I prefer playing without glove(s), don't know why it's just always been the case, would these grips tear and blister my hand like crazy? Is there any loss in feel? As I live in Sweden and my thou
  8. So I've been more or less inactive for 10yrs started a gain last year played like 10-12 rounds. Played decent. I'm a 8 hcp (went from 10.9 - 8.0 last year) peaked when I was 18 on 5 hcp. I hit my driver 230-280 yards depending on how i hit it. Hit my irons solid, pretty straight 200-220 yards with my 3 iron and downwards. My Bag Cleveland 460 Launcher 9,5 Stiff Standard Shaft golden color (don't remember exact year but must be 2004-2006) Mizuno MP30 3-PW (early-mid 2000) Cleveland RTX 48/52/56/60 (bought 2018) Odyssey (no idea about model. half circle one) I switch between the Mizuno MP3
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