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  1. Used for a season. GP align grips +2 wraps. KBS C-Taper 130x. Standard loft/lies. 7-4i .25” short. The MG2 wedge is standard and only used or about 2 months. Standard L/L/L. 950 obo. comes with TW box and cert.
  2. evnroll er2.2 34” w/ ss ultra slim 1.0 used for 3 rounds has a little paint chip on the red logo on the sole otherwise mint. 330/obo Mizuno MP-20 HMB x100 Lamkin crossline. Hit about 20 times. 140/obo
  3. Just the whiteboard left FIrst up a Fujikura Rombax X 5X07 S, 1 time pull, no tipping, 2x tape, brand new golf pride grip. $OLD MR Diamana Whiteboard Ion 63x5ct S .5" tip and a 1" butt extension to a length of 44", 140 OBO shipped. Third up a Fourteen 52* MT28V5 Forged wedge, Nippon 950GH wedge flex, Played for 3 rounds. $OLD OBO shipped.
  4. anyone up for catching a round 1/30-2/3, I usually play with my friend and his mom and all her korean friends...It'd be nice to be able to play with others.
  5. you have a shaft issue, the M is different then the F because they have different shafts and i believe there might be a little offset to the M as well, but since i havent played it in more then 3 years i'm not to sure. My thoughts is that you should get fitted for your driver...
  6. [quote name='Carolina Golfer 2' timestamp='1308924754' post='3332266'] [quote name='Puppetmaster' timestamp='1308924418' post='3332251'] Lexington Park is in Southern M[u]D[/u]. I think that's what he meant. [/quote] Ok, that might make since becasue I certianly don't know much about the courses in Taunton, MA I swear I didn't see the second part saying Lexington Park, either I'm going insane or it was added latter. [/quote] sorry yes i meant SoMD. I played renditions today and it was nice to play but a little too easy took about 45 mins to get there not so bad. Trying to get out
  7. I just moved to SoMA and was wondering where to play...Lexington Park to be exact I'm free every weekend to play. would love to get to play one some of yall
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