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  1. The Grint app gives you a handicap and people with GHIN can search you in it
  2. I just made an albatross on a par 5 completely s***-faced on a guys trip this past weekend. I seem to play better a little buzzed too. My best 9 ever (33, 3-under) was completely sober though.
  3. Just a really weird thing to say lol.... Like if someone had a really quick temp and short swing, should they expect similar ballspeeds to John Rahm? I'm really confused on the thought process you used to get there. There are all kinds of ways to increase speed... technique, strength training, speed training... lots and lots of that has already been discussed here.
  4. What makes you think your swing is "pretty close to yours"? Can you hit 170 ballspeed with a driver?
  5. If you have shaft lean at impact no. If you have the shaft more upright or leaned backwards, yes.
  6. Recentering is absolutely a weight shift as well as a pressure shift. AMG and Monte both talk about moving off the ball and then recentering by the top of your backswing and getting as far shifted towards the target by shaft parallel in down swing.
  7. Monte advocates getting re-centered and shifting to lead side EARLY which is very similar to AMG. I believe monte has a video where he points on how quickly John Rahm re-centers because of his short backswing. A lot of the same concepts of AMG.
  8. As a 6 handicap, I've broken par this year for the first time, and shot 1-over par(and a 2 over par a few times). Hitting 54% GIR, but too many 3 putts and only getting up and down 27% of the time.
  9. This feel has me playing the best golf I have ever played. Hitting really straight drives with the same thought throughout the bag. "Throw the club on top of the ball into the ground" I have this thought even with the driver, and I still hit 2-3 up on it. Everything is incredibly straight and my miss is just pull or push at this point. Before implementing this thought I was hitting mega blocks/hooks.
  10. I do it but do not have a Mo Normal single plane type swing. Pretty normal looking swing. Like others have mentioned, I notice if I have the club up near the ball(especially with driver) I have a tendency to open up my shoulder line and its very awkward trying to force my shoulders square. As a bonus, it allows you to counter-move forward to trigger your backswing without risk of hitting the ball. Feels really athletic to be able to do so without fear of hitting the ball!
  11. Salted foot insoles are sweet for $200
  12. Your optimal spin rate will just depend on your launch angle and ball speed. Telling us your swing speed won't help.
  13. Taylormade had a long drive comp with all their tour pros recently... Rory typically is around 185 ballspeed on the course and he mentions in the video that his highest ballspeed hes ever gotten was like 192, so he's cruising at 96% of his max speed. I think Dustin Johnson was very similar as well.
  14. A longer player has to be more accurate than a shorter player to keep it in bounds.
  15. You have to have a massive forward shaft lean to do that. And its probably not gonna happen. Bubba hit that shot at the masters cause he was hooking so he delofted his wedge a ton which allows you to tilt the spin axis a easier. More Spin loft = way harder to tilt spin axis. So the more you hit down on it and the more loft you present to it, the harder to tilt the spin axis it becomes
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