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  1. For me, trying the whole "Burn and turn" type thought was about continuous improvement. Have I reached my cap with just feeling a monte's cast type move? That's really what drove me into a year of stagnant golf. But now, I feel like I should really just "swing my swing" and keep making subtle adjustments and not totally try to retain my brain by trying to have "passive arms" Also, Montes video where he swings like 90% as fast on his knees versus standing also gave me confidence to just stick with what I am doing.
  2. I have decided that I am a hands/arm swing only thought player. I can't tell you how many different instruction videos or even tour pros I have where instructors say they have passive hands/arms(like they don't feel them at all) and all they concentrate on is rotating hard... Then there are the many different instructors that basically say the opposite that hands/arms are what you should be thinking about and the body rotation will happen automatically and support the hands/arms swinging. I feel like there's no wrong or right answer here, I think its just ho
  3. That wasn't his driver. That was his 3wood. He's likely still playing a draw with the 3wood cause the ball position and AoA will be different
  4. Fade/Draws can go the same with a driver.... The only advantage a draw has over a fade is less loft at impact. But with adjustable lofts on driver this is nullified. Also, the more forward in your stance you place the ball, the more up you hit on it and the more leftward path you will be taking to the ball. So if your face is stable through the hitting zone, having the ball more forward in your stance the more you will fade the ball. And because you’re still hitting up on it you can hit high low spinning bombs with a fade. S
  5. Outdoors they are pretty much interchangeable. I think pros like Quad more cause its easier to setup and you don't need to have another device setup to read the data, you can simply look down at the quad to see the numbers.
  6. I think it's more because his butt is just too far back at address. He could probably tuck his butt in more at address and you wouldn't notice an early extension. But he's probably more comfortable at address the way he is.
  7. You still have to know how much speed to use to hit it to that first spot. So you STILL have to understand how much effort is required for each club in the bag to hit it to a certain spot. I still prefer to master how 1 or 2 clubs fly with a given effort. No matter what you need FEEL around the green. I don't practice short game enough to master feel with a bunch of different clubs.
  8. Swap out radar for camera tech. GC2/Quad, uneekor. All radar will struggle indoors with spin. Even trackman has to use club data to supplement their spin/spinaxis measurements. And now Trackman wants to you have great lighting so they can get better impact location data so they can use that for gear affect to help with spin calculations. It's just a limitation of the tech indoors.
  9. Change your attitude, like others have mentioned, you’re affecting others when having hissy fits regardless if you “are off on your own”. You need to understand the vast majority of people do not like playing with people who when they are not playing well feel the need to cry about it and suck all the fun out of the round. In changing your attitude you’ll probably end up playing better golf as well, so it’s a win/win.
  10. I’ve had this impact position for a long time. No matter what, with any speed, length of back swing, level of tension, I can’t seem to get my left arm straight at impact. The upper part of my arm is pointed ahead of lead foot and if my forearm lined up with it I would have a pretty nice impact position. Even with this bending I still have some forward shaft lean and hit down on the ball. I do struggle with hooks, so I imagine this position is probably contributing to unstable face. After impact I don’t really chicken wing, my hands/releas
  11. Hi Guys, So its hard to explain but I started getting pain in my lead thumb basically at the base of the thumb where it connected to the wrist. Really sharp pain as I started hinging the club. I started experimenting with ways I could still swing and not feel pain(im a sicko and wont wait to just heal up) and started extending my thumb way down the grip. Imagine giving a thumbs up. Prior to that my thumb was shorter on the grip like I was trying to pinch my fore finger with my thumb. This extension of my thumb kinda forced me into having a 10-finger grip how
  12. My intent with this swing was to squat down. Like I mentioned before when I squat heavy weight, I lose balance unless I have something under my heel(like a weight or weight lifting shoes). You can definitely see me lowering and gaining flex in both knees to start the downswing, yet my right heel starts lifting up. EDIT: I'd also like to point out, then other than the "squat move" I don't think about my lower body AT ALL. I think about the "2nd cast" in Monte's cast drill and that's it. I can take a swing and keep my trail heel on the ground, but I literally
  13. @MonteScheinblum Thanks for the feedback! So I walk on my toes quite often and if I am trying to do squats I have to have weight lifting shoes with really high heels otherwise I lose my balance. These are signs I have really poor ankle mobility. Do you think it’s possible that my hip isn’t moving that poorly but my heel comes off the ground do to just poor mobility? Is this something you’ve ever explored? This early heel lifting has been something I’ve been trying to get rid of for a long time. But as of late I kinda just gave up focusing on it.
  14. @games Been using the Ultra-lite Medium for driver. Turned a hook into a slight fade. Have had about 100 swings on the range and played 7ish rounds with it and literally have not seen 1 hook. It feels so nice that I can really go after driver without fear.
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