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  1. You can bend pretty much any putter to 4° of loft.
  2. I know about the Edel fitting system, I've done it twice, there is nothing else like it unfortunately and no one can really match it because Edel is basically a modular system and they can build thousands of setups in seconds. Best thing to do would be call in advance and see what they have, most should have a Spider X in stock since it's so popular, you can always bring the Edel as your baseline to compare. If not just gamble and buy a Spider X and test it out, if it doesn't work they're not hard to sell.
  3. Not much out there that's gonna aim better than an Edel putter. With all the questions and doubts you have I'd go for a fitting to 100% know if the Spider X will be close or not or even if something better is out there.
  4. I've only heard good things about their putters, I'm bugging Al often with question on IG when they have their weekly question posts. Trying to decide what I'd want but way too many options since they can build literally anything. Might wait for a pre-order to save a few bucks if they can do the mods I want. But can't wait to see what it looks like when it comes back and hope it rolls even better than before.
  5. Just install an opti-vibe weight so you don't have a battery rattling around in the shaft.
  6. Sweet putter and doggo in one pic, that's what I'm talking about. First impressions on the putter? I'm really curious on them and with a lot of other putter makers raising their prices might as well go all out with a NCW.
  7. Now you get it, you have all those groove space on the face you paid for might as well use it all.
  8. The Puma's are really comfortable, I wish they had the leather option in wide but happy with the PwrAdapt. Adidas 360s really didn't work for me, awful blisters on my heel and I was a huge Adidas fan when I was an athlete. The Crossknit 3.0 are nice but wish they had spikes. Nike, not bad really, the wide are still a hair snug compared to the Puma's. But also depends on the model as many fit different. Footjoy I have the Pro SL and not a fan of them for playing a round. Range or simulator they're great but not when I'm playing. Thinking of moving to the To
  9. I'm probably the same with my irons, honestly I don't see any wear yet but if I did I'm sure it would be just off center. So for me still a ton of life left in my irons, I'll get some lessons and use the good grooves in the center more.
  10. Start striking the center more and you'll have a ton of life left But seriously those still look fine, I've seen much worse and people asking dumb amounts for them.
  11. Of those listed I'd probably pick the Spider X based on testing in store. But I'd also look at the Ping Heppler Floki or Tyne 3 for other mallets with toe hang if you haven't already looked at them.
  12. Thanks for the follow up @icecat88honestly any SIK putter you get will be great, they roll so well and I don't think anything else compares and I've tried a lot of putters.
  13. Might have to invest in the grip for the B.2 in the off season. Honestly the press vs no press is huge on these putter, more so on the DF2.1 compared to the B.2. Which means I'm probably going to bench my B.2 on my last round this year.
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