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  1. As a lefty I'm over 98% of OEMs. Custom all the way to get anything nice.
  2. I don't really have golf friends, I do have a good list of people on my IG golf page that I chat with fairly often but we all live a ways away. A few of my personal friends play golf but they don't have the same interest addiction to the game that I do.
  3. No problem if you're going to remove the weight just be aware of whatever grip you put on, a lot of people unintentionally counterbalance a putter by putting on a 100g+ grip and wonder why it feels bad.
  4. Forgot to post these. The Trad II after and before with the new paint fill, it definitely pops more, it was nice without paint too. The cross hair on the face I may do with something else to make it stand out more. Black just doesn't show.
  5. The Softail that was posted above. Gonna give it a little clean up, not sure if I'll keep it or if it moves on. Definitely needs new paint fill, some came off when cleaning.
  6. Depending how they accelerate the head it can help open the head so the face is square at impact where toe hang it could be closed at impact.
  7. MattM97

    golf galaxy

    Probably went to get a pack of smokes. He'll be back any day now.
  8. Website says $3500 plus whatever the membership costs.
  9. That's quite a bit in the handle, that grip is between 55 and 75g depending on the size so 135 to 155g in the handle of a 357g putter. I'd ditch that 80g weight and go with maybe a 20g or if it's the 75g weight that could be enough. There is no set numbers in counterbalance it's all on feel and results so you may have to play around with it a bit.
  10. Even at 357g putting an extra 100g in the handle is a lot. What's the full setup? Length, grip, weight in handle, etc?
  11. If that extra 100g is in the handle and that's a 330g head you'll have zero feel in the head. It's going to feel like nothing and your stroke is going to be awful. Counter balance isn't bad It's just usually done with something a bit heavier, you can counter balance that head i just wouldn't go much over 25g extra in the handle for something that light.
  12. Queen B 6 is very minimal, maybe a quarter but that's not much but depends on your eye. The Inovai 7.0 I believe is the same. If you're looking for this specific setup you may have to go custom if there is nothing your like. It's not uncommon to do this because OEM's can't make a specific setup for everyone.
  13. When people say "I'm pretty SBST, they are lying and only hurting their putting. But if you get confirmation of what you assume/know wouldn't that just raise confidence? When the fitter goes "I can't beat you own putter, it's perfect for you" you'll feel a bit better and confident on the greens.
  14. I'm not sure what you're getting at because there are plenty of heel shafted, zero offset putters on the market. Bettinardi have a bunch, TaylorMade spider single bend, shoot any custom putter makers that offers spud necks can too.
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