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  1. I use a pretty much top of the line rangefinder/laser meant for forestry work/surveying and that doesn't perform in certain weather conditions. Hard to see how a golf rangefinder can overcome that and be accurate.
  2. I'm in a snowy area as well and haven't swung a club since October cause covid is keeping simulators closed. Anyways I have a few X/TX shafts in my woods and hybrids, they are pretty stout too. Am I worried about it? A bit at first but I know I'll get reps in and will get back to normal feel and swing speed. These shafts work best for me based on my fitting so I'm not going to doubt it. If you're not getting fit and want something you're always comfortable and confident with maybe stick with an S shaft vs an X shaft.
  3. I remember when I was a young teen just getting into golf, I walked into a used golf store somewhere looking for a wedge or putter. I asked this old dude at the cash if they had any left hand clubs and he said "I'm not carrying them anymore, all companies are going to stop making left hand club. I'd suggest you learn how to play right handed." I just started at him for what felt like 2 min before walking out. Still waiting for that day old man.
  4. Any brand that doesn't bother with lefties, we get it you want a righty elitism in the golf world. But seriously I'll try and use anything that works for me as long as it looks good to my eye.
  5. I have a Precision Pro NX7 and quite happy with it, no real complaints about it at all. Would definitely upgrade it to an NX9 or better in the future. As for the Leopold that fog mode sounds interesting, but would need to see how it works first but sounds too good to be true honestly.
  6. Yup so we don't have to flip them around. Also with the new Accra shaft being announced going to wait until that all comes out to get a DF2.1
  7. I think back then was just to show off what they could make a putter out of from casting. It's also sound/feel, look, weight, etc. Today you can achieve almost anything Ping was trying to do with any metal today in the right hands.
  8. Yeah but what's cheaper a putter and set of wedges or a trip to Disney? I think the former lol.
  9. Putter can't be more than 7" from heel to toe and that honk noise is probably your clown shoes.
  10. Forged, cheap and new don't really go hand in hand. Some brands like Haywood, Sub70, New Level, etc can put prices cheaper because they use open source models and skip the whole R&D portion.
  11. Decided to part ways with my B2. It's a great putter and the tech is the real deal but I just can't get confident with a true center shaft putter. Definitely going to try a DF2.1 when the lefty grips come out. Length: 34.5" (will confirm when I get home) Lie: 70° Weight: L.A.B doesn't list weight, they are on the heavy side but they feel light when putting due to the tech. Comes with white L.A.B Golf headcover. Price: $275 this includes shipping across Canada and to the USA. Europe I will ship to just may cost extra on your end Payment: Pa
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