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  1. MattM97

    NCW Campbell

    I prefer that as well cause that 500 starting price is suddenly 950 with basic options it doesn't make sense at all.
  2. The label is almost hidden perfectly on every shot I've seen but kinda looks like a Ventus Black.
  3. MattM97

    NCW Campbell

    That's not bad at all honestly, plus now they have a few more finishes so polish isn't needed.
  4. MattM97

    NCW Campbell

    Yeah the polishing hurts, I'm thinking of selling my Boyd for something more me but I'm scared to ask the price.
  5. Doesn't look like it's round enough to be a tooling mark, seems like a void. Or it could be a speed hole to make the driver go faster. Now watch R&D teams will be scrambling to design this.
  6. As the exchange gets better I don't get bent over the table buying custom putters. If and I mean big if the dollar ever gets close to par or better oh man gonna spend.
  7. How do you set the pin with the Link? That's the most annoying part on the phone at times cause I don't know which way the green is oriented half the time.
  8. That's good info thanks, I don't want to seem like an a** on the course with my phone out. Some may think I'm on Instagram or texting when I'm just fixing my score.
  9. Slant or flow. Anything half offset is more appealing to my eyes, can't do plumbers anymore.
  10. For another Odyssey putter no unless you're on tour but a Spryevo like @kmay__ said yes that's possible.
  11. No Kingdom Putters is part of CNC Creations who is out of North Carolina. There are not many Canadian putter makers honestly for how much we love golf up here. As for the Mizuno ball I don't remember thinning one, maybe getting out of the rough I caught the ball with the leading edge. But even then I've used other balls which I've thinned hard on purpose or by mistake and no marks like this.
  12. It hasn't helped my career although I wish it did cause I could really use a career change now, also haven't developed any life long friendships or relationships. But it did help with depression so I'll give it that. Backstory before golf I was a track and field athlete, specifically the shot put, I was fairly successful despite many injuries and setbacks. I thought I was free and clear of all of that and was even slotted to be an Olympic hopeful for the 2020 games way back in 2015/2016. So I got to training but being in a sport with little funding and a governing body that doesn't
  13. Spin is huge for distance you can hit 2 shots at say 115mph club head speed, one carries 285 and the other carries only 270. How did that happen? Well most likely one is spinning way more than the other or you hit a knuckleball.
  14. I don't think so might depend on the person and the shaft. I have a G410 LST 3W and I have an Aldila NV 2KXV Green shaft which I don't believe it's counter balances but possibly has a higher balance point which could do similar things.
  15. Yeah he is but like you said the market is still RH dominant, but even then his LH options are very limited lately. I have one but I don't think I'll be able to come across other lefties at least ones I'd like.
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