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  1. I'm sure @north_east_pro has seen a fake or two in his time.
  2. Full CNC irons or wedges are cool but you're paying for machine time and waste as well. Forged then milled is great and cast there is nothing wrong with that but I think the best one is the forged than milled for what you get quality wise and cost wise too.
  3. That 009M with the triple flange? Yeah that was nice I want to try a triple flange out probably on something cheaper.
  4. It's not that hard to get up, you can easily go into the regular G410 which is a larger footprint. The LST is just more compact.
  5. I'd say Ping G410 LST but option #4 rules that out a bit unless you get hotmelt in the head. Other options I'd say Callaway is pretty shallow and the TSI woods are not bad, but those Ping fairways are shallow. I'm a mid to high teen cap and I was fitted into the LST and I hit it fine for a 159cc head.
  6. I'd say stick with the Mizuno, they're perfectly good irons. The Titleist will be much more expensive and a longer wait for them to arrive.
  7. $100 for one plate? Damn I'm gonna sell my extra for a good amount now lol.
  8. Under no these are fit snug, on top definitely.
  9. It's quite snug, I've heard people slap on some duct tape and it pulls off, some tap the putter on the ground and it falls off, I'd often just take a very fine point screw driver tip and just lit it out carefully.
  10. Bud you gotta stop posting this everywhere. I cannot afford to buy another putter right now. I'm begging you please
  11. Got an email from Brendan today on an update which is nice cause I didn't have to bug him for one. He said the 9320s are on the mill right now, then 9309s followed by 9306s so I could still be within that 12 week window quoted when I paid or just over. I did ask if they expect any delays to that 12 week window I was given. If it's close or bang on I'll be happy, I sadly haven't been playing much lately so not like I'm missing out not having it.
  12. There are a lot of direct to consumer brands that sell urethane balls for less than most big brands sell surlyn or ionomer balls. At the cost you're paying if you buy bulk I wouldn't worry too much about durability but most of those DTC brands I've found durability to be fine.
  13. I have to try Snell again but I remember them being very good, I just don't play them cause they haven't been in stock in Canada for months, they come in and gone in days. But a lot of other DTC like Vice and OnCore are solid options, Kirkland for the price is solid as well.
  14. I was April 17 I think so maybe 6 more weeks . Gonna email Brandon and see.
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