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  1. Is the paint smudged on the bottom or just water?
  2. MattM97

    Loft 2 vs 3

    Really depends on your dynamics at impact, using myself as an example at 3° I launch it too high and get backspin, but at 1.5° ideally I get perfect launch conditions. So for me 2° vs 3° is a big difference.
  3. Versa 2 or if you don't mind rounder bumpers White Hot Pro 2.0 #1
  4. Definitely just OP was asking specific models and that's not a specific model but he did have other SSS models listed.
  5. Circle T = "Tour Models" SSS = Surgical Stainless Steel So what's the model? It's the line and metal that's it.
  6. How sharp can those edges on the hosel cup be? Gotta be bad for an extra $500 of mill time
  7. Good video but now I know for sure Scotty must have drawn on his parents walls like crazy when he was a kid.
  8. Some of those are models and some are not. 009 - Tour version of the Newport, rounder and softer bumpers, a hair wider than the Newport, deeper cavity. 009M - M is Masterful, I believe this is a hair smaller, even softer bumpers and Ive heard they run these on a specific machine. I may be wrong on this not a Scotty Expert myself. 009 SSS - An 009 made with Surgical Stainless Steel 009M SSS - 009M made with Surgical Stainless Steel Circle T SSS - Not a putter Circle T Newport 2 - A NP2 with Circle T markings Tour Rat I - 009 with weights Tour Rat II - CT NP2 with weights Super Rat I - 009 with weights and a GSS Insert Super Rat II - CT NP2 with weights and a GSS Insert The list continues, TourType, TourType Timeless, Timeless 2, 009.RT, T22 FTUO, all the neck variations and some other things too. That's just 2 models really, best thing to do get on Instagram, follow a bunch of Scotty pages and there are tons and you'll learn. I'm not a Scotty guy they just show up everywhere image wise.
  9. Yeah I saw them and it was just paint fill and shaft which can be done cheap if you can save the grip and do heat shrink on the shaft, plus paint is super easy to do. The Inovai line different story.
  10. If you like a pop/click sound then definitely light to mid mill will get that. The putter weight, face thickness, cavity will have some play as well but if you're around that 350g range then you should be fine getting the pop/click sound you want. Here's what I have that gives me that crisp pop/click sound off the face but they're not too clicky/tingy if that makes sense. As you can see not too deep or really much milling at all, just a little bit there but lots of feedback for me.
  11. So there is a lot to factor into a putter for the sound/feel, but in general a no mill to light mill will have a louder sound thus a firmer feel and a medium to deep milling will have a more muted thus a softer feel. Now this part could be subjective person to person. I find no milling to light milling to be hotter off the face and a deeper mill I'll have to strike the ball a bit harder to see the same speed. This I actually like because depending on the green speeds I can bring the proper putter for that green. There are some millings that do roll the ball a bit better but proper loft and lie along with delivery are the best things for that and some of these millings do make the feel softer so if that isn't your thing best not to opt for them. In the end it's what you like, some millings look really nice but if it gives you a feel you don't like don't waste your money on one especially if you don't like it. Now if you want variety then get some of each milling that's what I'm doing but I do prefer a medium to firmer feeling putter.
  12. On their site, I bought 3 covers and a towel for like $75 and before they were like $60-75 each for a cover. Never trust eBay prices, unless you were looking at American Flatstick stuff then yes that's top dollar, different company too.
  13. Yeah website is gone, they were selling off everything for pennies on the dollar.
  14. Third from the top, the MannKrafted one. It has a clip just took it off for the pic so it clips to my pocket, super light and cheap too. I like all the others for various reasons and they all get used but you can see how much that one has been used.
  15. They also designed a putter with him not sure if he'll put it in play.
  16. Them after the match when they know the direct deposit hits but they have to keep up appearances.
  17. I have the natural ability to be a good golfer but playing 2-4x a month with little to no practice I won't get there. With the amount I play I have to be more realistic with my game especially when something isn't working. Golf is a huge stress reliver for me and I'm extremely stressed. Golf is easier when you're not a big dude, I need to be less of a big dude. My friends while they enjoy golf don't want to play as much as me. Public courses are getting stupid expensive where I live. My solution to all this is hopefully a membership in 2022.
  18. A lot don't post full specs but back in 2020 Chris Trottie of TaylorMade posted Jason Day's putter specs. Spider w/4g weights in back. Lie 70.5° Loft 2.5° Length 34" TM Winn Grip - 52g Total weight 531.8g Swing weight D5 Total weight with Stability Shaft 528.4g - SW - E3 So I'd say 510g is on the lower end because the StrokeLab shaft that Odyssey has is 70g I believe and a lot of other shafts are 100g+ more in that 120g range.
  19. Don't Scottys measure length to the "sweet spot" not sole? So putters are like .25 to .50 longer than listed?
  20. To some extent yeah, I can mostly get what I want in LH but there are a few head shapes I just cannot get and I don't have the money to make it happen either.
  21. They sell fast, know what you want before you go into it. If you have Apple Pay, PayPal or similar get that prepped so you can check out in seconds.
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