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  1. Can you send me some pics of the heads? Thanks
  2. Only used for 2 rounds and a range session. Callaway Mavrik Max Driver Head -9 degree -No headcover -No tool $sold
  3. PXG Gen 2 T 4-PW Shafts: Oban CT-115 X -Flex Standard L/L/L Grips- Midsize SST Pured I had this set build up prior to surgery and while laid up with surgery purchased other golf items to play with when I got back to playing. Only had the 5-PW shafted. Willing to sell together or if I have a buyer for heads, I will keep the shafts. Clubs have 3-5 rounds tops. Had head covers on them so no bag chatter. $1275 obo $950 heads obo
  4. want to know the feedback on the ZX vs 921 forged as well?? TrueWRX can't wait to hear your feedback
  5. all good things come to an end. eBay will lose a lot of sellers over this.
  6. Guy I play with switched from his Ventus to the Autoflex and is seeing success with it. Just like with any shaft out there, if fits some peoples swing and others it does not. Apparently it fit Adam Scotts. Its certainly draws a lot of attention, but I didn't care for it when I swung a few.
  7. Oban Ct 115 x flex edged out the modus 105 x in my fit with a slightly tighter dispersion. Both shafts felt great, but after gaming both shafts I actually prefer the modus.
  8. ordering a set of these this week and it seems like the general consensus is ZX5-5/6 iron and ZX7-7-PW with lofts adjusted. Thanks for all the great info guys!!
  9. Enjoy spyglass!! I played it recently and it was a demanding course but worth every minute. I can't wait to hear your review of how the ball handles the course.
  10. 1. New Orleans,LA 2. 14 3. ZX5 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Mizuno HMB 5-pw Modus 105 x flex 5. More compact profile and tungsten weighting. V sole 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes of course!!
  11. What degree hybrid was the ventus blue shaft cut for?
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