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  1. Thanks. Great note about the ferry! Hope to come back with some good news about Haig's conditioning... And I'm going to do my best to play both Fazio courses at Belfair the day we are there . Boathouse is on my list to hit on the way back from Bluffton
  2. Heading to HHI in December- was able to have my local pro pull through Belfair and Haig Point. Golf aside, any foodies out there? @T-MAC let me know where the best spots are if you can. Thanks!
  3. USGA Four-Ball qualifier tomorrow in Vernon Hills - playing White Deer Run. Couldn't get away from work for a practice round so going in blind...
  4. No, will not be open yet. Looking like spring of 2022.. There are three private clubs in Champaign-Urbana that you could try calling. U of I orange course is currently the best local public option. It is not in bad shape and is a fair test. Would not recommend playing Blue course though. If you don't mind a drive and prefer a little better conditioning, I'd say shoot for Den at Fox Creek or Weibring Golf Club (Illinois State home course) in Bloomington.
  5. Will be out there in August for a week, playing Victory Ranch and Promontory Dye.
  6. Second week of August I will be taking my dad and brother-in-law out for two rounds during our stay in Park City, Utah for my old man's birthday celebration. We are lucky to have a family friend host us at Victory Ranch for one of our rounds.. I have made calls to a few places looking for a good second spot to play and the Head Pro at Promontory got back to me. We have the option of playing either of the two courses on property- Pete Dye's Canyon Course OR the Jack Nicklaus-designed Painted Valley. Anyone have experience playing either of these two courses? Thanks in advance and I appreciate any time and effort given to this discussion.
  7. Annual buddies trip about to kick off, this year will be a Midwest Chicago/Wisco circuit. Opener at Champaign CC tomorrow. Head north Friday to Stonebridge CC. Saturday at Edgewood Valley with caddies, followed by Forest Hills on Sunday. Monday morning we head up to cap it all off at Erin Hills.
  8. Just entered the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball qualifier at Crown Pointe Golf Club in Farmington, MO around the end of September. Would love to hear if anyone has any feedback on the track! My playing partner and I are looking to play a money game the Saturday leading up to our practice round ideally located between STL and Farmington.. Any insight on what spots are in great shape would be greatly appreciated. Will look at both public and private recs (maybe our Head Pro can make some calls for us ? Thanks in Advance!
  9. Was your time putting on the green the only trial run you spent with the CS? Last summer I spent about 2-3 weeks playing the CS and CSx instead of my regular ProV1x's and saw great results related to feel and spin of the golf ball (i might argue it is too soft and spins too much lol). Maybe i've spent too much time in quarantine, but I just thought it was interesting that feel from the putter face would overrule how the golf ball felt or performed from tee to green. I have this weird theory of playing CS or CSx's when it is hot dry and fast. Then will play ProV's if it is wet, windy, etc.
  10. Did I miss any mention of when we can expect a release date for the new CSx?
  11. Will be in HH this weekend. Playing Heron Point on Saturday, over-seeding starts monday. Phew!
  12. Birdie - We ended up opting to play Heron Point just because it made the whole trip easier. Heron isn't over-seeding until the 21st so we are in the clear. Hope we don't have pace of play problems like Jmac!
  13. As I posted before, there will be four of us staying on Hilton Head Island Fri-Mon mid-October looking to play one round together during the trip. Saturday 10/19 is our day that we are trying to make golf work. Disclaimer: The ladies will be back at the house waiting for us to get home from golf ;) Although house is on the beach with plenty for them to do. (is what i keep telling myself) Original idea was for us guys to play first thing in the AM at a course somewhat nearby on the island. Boys get our golf in and back in time to enjoy much of Saturday with the ladies. HOWEVER, I had my local club pro make some calls and he presented an opportunity for us to play Haig Point @ 12:20. As a backup, we also were able to get a tee time for 2:30 at Heron Point. SO, With all that said, I wanted to use this board as a resource to lean on before making our playing plans permanent. -Does anyone have experience traveling (ferry) from HHI to Daufuski island? is it an hour both ways or closer to 30 mins? My local pro told me we will need to take the 10:30 ferry to the island and need to arrive around 10:00 to get our ferry passes and get settled. -so basically if we want to play Haig Point we will be gone virtually all day.... -Is Haig Point a track that I don't want to miss out on? In other words, is it a course that is worth the earful we will get from the women for being gone for a whole day during a shortened couples trip? (lol) -Anybody know if Heron Point has over-seeded or plans to over-seed leading up to 10/19? I wouldn't want to skip on Haig if Heron Point isn't playing well at that time. All insight and feeback is encouraged and appreciated. Thank you!
  14. I have time for one morning round with the buddies during our "couples weekend" (granted none of us are married and all mid twenties ;) ) With that being said, I wanted to follow up on your recent experience at HHN and RTJ. I want to make sure we are playing a course that is in great shape! Our day to play is Saturday Oct 19 and from the looks of this thread HHN seems to be like our best shot -waiting til Nov for re-seeding etc. When i looked online RTJ wasn't offering morning tee times but maybe a call to the pro shop would prove beneficial. Let me know if there is a certain "Must Play" for a guy who has one morning to capture his moment of golf bliss! Thanks all.
  15. > @mark174ace said: > BirdieRoll wrote: > > > > Reviving this thread... > > > > Windsor, Foxtail North, and Bennett my best bets for public golf near Healdsburg? All would be morning rounds. > > > > I know about Bodega but sounds iffy and would be 45 minutes away. > > > > Thanks in advance. > > > > > > > > > Just my two cents. I have played 41 courses since I moved to California in the summer of 2015 and Bodega Bay is my least favorite by far. There are many homes that are way too close to the holes and the design feels forced in my opinion. Foxtail North was ok but I left early because it was so backed up due to two groups and the marshal was too chicken @#$% to do anything about it. I played Sonoma Golf Club in a NCGA member outing and it was really nice. Love to hear that about Sonoma GC. Local pro was able to get me a tee time out there, I will be making my trip to CA in a week. Was planning to join the group hiking Armstrong Redwoods Reserve but I am grabbing the sticks and looping Northwoods for sure! Thanks all for the input.
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