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  1. Birmingham, AL. FarmLinks, Ross Bridge, 2 Courses at RTJ Oxmoor Valley, Highland Park, 3 courses at RTJ Capitol Hill and the list could keep going for a while.
  2. I will never not be a member at a private club. The access and pace of play alone make it worth it.
  3. The Ranch Club was a little underwhelming I thought
  4. Definitely make the trip up to Wilderness Club in Eureka. You won't be disappointed.
  5. Highland Park, Ol' Colony, Ballantrae, Limestone Springs, Timberline and Bent Brook are all solid options
  6. Birmingham is a great hub. Lots of great courses not on the trail nearby. FarmLinks is definitely worth the drive.
  7. Anyone tried these? Looks like they could benefit someone that struggles with weight transfer or balance.
  8. Srixon z785s are some of the best feeling irons I've ever hit.
  9. I know this is an old thread and you probably don't need the recommendation anymore but maybe someone else will find it useful. The Wilderness Club is one of the best courses I've ever played. It's about a hour north of Whitefish
  10. Viniterra is a good course just west of Williamsburg in New Kent. It's usually in good shape.
  11. If you're there during the week you can walk on no problem. Also check out the course at Sewanee while you're there.
  12. I don't think i have any pics of it when it was raw. I already refinished it
  13. Only way I was able to get the finish off mine was to bead blast it
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