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  1. Interesting, I planned on just maybe joining for one year as the price jumps up quite a bit at 26. $3k for 25 seems like the cheapest I'd find in the area, no food min.
  2. Agree, not really North Jersey but still thought it was a great layout and still just about 40min from JC. Although shore traffic on 95 could be an issue. Heard back from Green Brook CC this week and they have a great deal for 25 year olds. May look into taking a look there sometime soon. From what I've seen online it looks like a nice course and it has decent reviews.
  3. Checked out Forsgate Country Club yesterday. Very reasonable dues for 36 holes and the course was in fantastic condition for this time of year. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences on the club? From the tour it seems like what you get is a steal for the price (full range and practice area, indoor practice facility, pool, gym, 36 holes)
  4. Thanks so much for the help and info. NJ National was actually one of the early ones on my radar, waiting to here back. I think its great that you get membership to two other clubs in the area.
  5. Not including food/beverage or carts. Carts are a plus but I don't mind walking most of the time. Preferably no caddie program as that tends to add up fast with fees and tips. Willing to travel up to an hour.
  6. To provide a quick follow up, I've heard back from Basking Ridge CC. Seems to fit the budget, does anyone have any experience with this course or any insights?
  7. Hi All, First post on here...Currently live and work in NYC but am relocating to Jersey City for work. Since I'm moving out of Manhattan I'm looking for a private club to join in the area. Looking for an affordable junior membership around $5k, no initiation fee if possible. Looking for somewhere that is easy to get out and play and practice, I have a car so transportation isn't too big of an issue. A club with food and dining is a plus, as I'd like somewhere I can hang out and meet new people since I'm new to the area. Open to hear what those in the area have to say about various clubs
  8. New the forum and Scotty world! I just got this Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 locally. Paint job was done by previous owner. Is this a legit Scotty? Looking for some help. Thanks!
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