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  1. Patience is probably what I lack most in life. I’ve had success with extending already installed clubs before as I’m clearly not super sensitive. thanks for the help
  2. @Stuart_G Thanks for your explanation. This is the head weights: 246 252 258 265 275 281 290 I need the extra length, hence the extensions. It would certainly be ideal building only one club and test with a bunch of lead tape - however in Sweden it's so cold no ranges in my area are open I guess I could go somewhere indoor and try it out, however my swing is so terrible during the winter months so I'm not sure I would feel that much of a difference between a couple of grams.
  3. Can confirm that @HISPL got it right - they are held by some sticky tape stuff. I recently removed the dots from my MD5 by using a tiny flat screw driver.
  4. Hi all Sorry if similar questions has been asked multiple times. I'm building a set of ZX7 with $taper 120 and the dry swing weight come out super light, like in the upper D9 range, with ferrule and without grip. I find this weird as they're playing "standard length" (37" with grip). Is something wrong or could it be because of a higher balance point in the shaft? I will most likely extend them 0.5" and this is where my somewhat limited experience come in to play. Should I add tip weights and match the swing weights before adding the extensions or not? The extensions is around 8g and I know this will trick the swing weight scale. My first thought was dry swing weight and build them to E3 and then add extensions and grip + some extra tape, but I'm not sure that is the correct way to go. I have a tendency to over complicate things and could therefore need your advice. Please help!
  5. I had one in the closet which was 209g
  6. I've tried multiple high end shafts in driver and always return to my Aldila Tour Green 65tx 1" tipped. Even though it's a "8-year old $50 shaft", quoted by @Valtiel some time ago, it just fits my swing.
  7. Finally built and I’m super stoked to try them them out.
  8. The Ping head is probably heavier than the Callaway so a little bit of tip trimming might be a good idea anyway
  9. Same finish which is just as easy to remove. This is just at the start of the finish removal process but I’ve seen some examples of rusted Forged Tecs. I think they would look sick without the badge though.
  10. Got these in the mail today. Been a dream set of mine for many years and almost impossible to find here in Sweden, especially in this condition. Will build them after Christmas with some PX 6.0 and BB&f-ferrules.
  11. I removed the finish from my MB/CB's using vinegar for a couple of hours as I'm not a fan of the black finish.
  12. Nothing fancy, yet. Standard Titleist for driver and hybrid, standard Scotty and a hand made in brown leather from a local guy. I will definitely up my headcover game for the upcoming season as soon as I decide on what fabric and design to use.
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