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  1. I was fitted into c-tapers 130 two years ago but sold the clubs after a couple of months due to the terrible feel of the shafts. I ended up going back to x100s. Now I'm playing Modus 120x which is completely different in terms of feel and profile, but I do really like them.
  2. https://www.aldila.com/sites/aldila/files/ALD-TECH SPEC-TOUR Green_r2v20181202.pdf This document is from december 2018, and according to this document the torque is 3.0. I guess my shaft is either an older model, or the spec sheet on Aldilas site isn't updated?
  3. The link says 3.0 parallell tip, which it does on every shaft. The numbers on the graphics indicates what torque it is
  4. I don't know, I compared some pictures online and a picture on Jon Rahms Tour Green 75TX says 2.8t which is the same as their sites spec sheet. I've contacted the company I bought it from and they would pass this question to Aldila. I don't really care as it was a pure bargain, still confusing though
  5. I just bought this brand new from one of the biggest stores here in Sweden. I noticed that the graphics says 3.0 torque when their website says 3.3 - which isn't a big deal but a bit confusing. Does anyone know the reason for this? https://www.aldila.com/products/tour-green
  6. Modus 120x in irons, s400 ti in wedges and Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60tx/Aldila Tour Green 65tx in driver, Speeder 757 TS X/Diamana d+ 80x in 3w, UST VTS Silver 8x in 5 wood
  7. I've found a Silver 110msi for a good price but I can't find any info about it what so ever. Does anyone have any information or experience with this shaft?
  8. I had the same issue when the internal weight inside the head came loose. Three pretty strong guys alternated and it was physically impossible without breaking it.
  9. I tried the syringe method which worked decent for three grips until the syringe broke in half and I stabbed myself in my left hand. After that I've gone back to my trusty removal tool made out of a skewer together with a pointed tip bottle (battery water bottle) as @J13 mentioned. Way to easy not to use this method imho.
  10. Might be a dumb question but - I know the extra length will add swing weight, but since the extensions are extra steel, wouldn't that add weight to the butt and therefore lead to some what of a counter balance?
  11. I've bent my z785 4-6 1* weak to match my z-forged and I haven't noticed any significant change in bounge. I'm pretty steep though
  12. I didn't notice any big differences between the two. They are super forgiving and long. Unfortunately they are way too upright and have a tendency to go left, atleast for my liking.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it. I live in Sweden and as far as I know the MMT's aren't that easy to get a hold of here. I guess I need to find a fitter and try the Steelfibers and see what other options there are. Appreciate it. I would definitely considered it if I didn't live in Sweden, lol
  14. Thanks. Lighter weight was my first thought as well, but I don't know how much lighter I'd need to go for it to help. I've played 130g shafts for so many years so whenever I've tried anything in the 115-120g range it feels so much easier to swing. Would something in that weight range work or is it still too heavy?
  15. I have a bad left shoulder (righty golfer) after many years of different sports. I've played x100 for a long time but after last season my shoulder started to get worse. Would changing to a lighter or smoother shaft be more gentle on my shoulder? If so - any recommendations? As I haven't played anything else then x100 and C-Taper 130 I don't have anything to compare with.
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