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  1. I've bent my z785 4-6 1* weak to match my z-forged and I haven't noticed any significant change in bounge. I'm pretty steep though
  2. I didn't notice any big differences between the two. They are super forgiving and long. Unfortunately they are way too upright and have a tendency to go left, atleast for my liking.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it. I live in Sweden and as far as I know the MMT's aren't that easy to get a hold of here. I guess I need to find a fitter and try the Steelfibers and see what other options there are. Appreciate it. I would definitely considered it if I didn't live in Sweden, lol
  4. Thanks. Lighter weight was my first thought as well, but I don't know how much lighter I'd need to go for it to help. I've played 130g shafts for so many years so whenever I've tried anything in the 115-120g range it feels so much easier to swing. Would something in that weight range work or is it still too heavy?
  5. I have a bad left shoulder (righty golfer) after many years of different sports. I've played x100 for a long time but after last season my shoulder started to get worse. Would changing to a lighter or smoother shaft be more gentle on my shoulder? If so - any recommendations? As I haven't played anything else then x100 and C-Taper 130 I don't have anything to compare with.
  6. Anyone still using these? Would appreciate any feedback as I might get my hands on a 3-pw set in mint condition
  7. Give Hzrdus Smoke Yellow a try. I recently put a Small Batch 60tx, tipped 0.5" into my Mavrik SZ and it feels amazing. Due to the super stiff butt and tipp it feels really stable, but still smooth thanks to the softer mid section
  8. Updated with some new stuff. Still waiting for my Scotty though
  9. You can buy mineral spirits from Nordicagolf.se for 39 SEK (less than $5). Otherwise you can use "lacknafta" - smelly but works fine
  10. Yeah okay, thanks. I spoke to the guy I bought it from and he took it back to replace it with another head.
  11. Recently unpacked this after buying it on a forum. Head is more or less in mint condition, but this little thing worried me. Any feedback?
  12. Appreciate the feedback guys. I can't wait to try it out
  13. Do anyone have any experience with this shaft? If so - what can I expect other than its a counter balanced shaft? How was the performance? What did you combo it with? Feel free to share as I recently bought 60tx spontaneously since I've had success with CB shafts before. Sorry if there's already a thread about this.
  14. Thanks, good input. Going for the right feel instead of caring about swing weight and component weight sounds like something I should do more often
  15. Hi all This might be something several people have asked before - if so I'm sorry. I recently bought a Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60g 6.5 TX, but I haven't decided which head to try it with. One of my first options is a G410 LST as I really enjoy Ping's products and the heavier head would probably be a good fit with the mentioned shaft. However, I'm also curious to try Sim Max or TSi3 which I guess are around 195g head weight? I really don't plan to play my driver much longer than 45" as I think it's nonsense and I don't feel comfortable at all with many manufacturers stand
  16. I used to play a d+90x in a 818 h2 hybrid and I really enjoyed it. It felt stable but smooth but launched a little to0 high for me. I play x100 in my irons, Aldila Rogue Black 105tx in UT, Tensei Pro Blue 70tx in fw and usually around 75g in driver
  17. What about Aldila Rogue Black gen2? I recently bought a 105tx mostly because they sell for dirt cheap here in Sweden. Since I haven't gotten the shaft yet I can't speak for the tip stiffness, but given the description I'd say it could be worth looking into. https://www.aldila.com/products/rogue-black-hybrid
  18. yup. i've done this with jet black sm6 and black cobra wedges too before. They can sit in vinegar forever, but if you want quicker results i'd recommend to sand with steel wool and/or fine grit sand paper every 2h
  19. These are my Jet Black SM7's, rusted using white vinegar. I soaked them for about 6h total and sanded with fine grit a few times. They look horrible this way so I removed some of the rust
  20. Any data on this? Just bought a 105tx for my UT and can't find that much information about it
  21. I rarely hit it from the fairway, but when I do it works out just fine. I'm not a massive fan of the feel of the head though. The DI95x is OKAY. I find it to be a little to whippy and I almost need to force it to make the ball launch low. I've always been a steel-guy when it comes to long irons, but a softer shaft can be nice from time to time as it's super easy to swing.
  22. Call me crazy but I switched the Mavrik to my old faithful M2 with a Aldila Tour Green 75x tipped 1.25", playing 44.5". A lot of tape, and it looks horrendous, I know. This one is truly the goat for me. Will update this post as soon as I get my Scotty back from a custom shop.
  23. Thanks! I haven't measured the SW in ages so I can't remember honestly. I added about 2g of tape iirc. Thanks! Correct
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