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  1. ZX7 is 6mm throughout set. 225 start at 4.3mm in PW and end at 5.7 in 4 iron. So technically the whole set should have slightly slimmer top line. 223s are 5mm throughout the set
  2. Champions Choice Newport RH 35". Standard loft/lie. Rolled on carpet inside but hasn't been used outside. 100% mint/new condition. Comes with Champions Choice headcover. Pending sale Speed Shop Headcover. Brand New. SOLD The Stack Speed Training system. Comes with training shaft and all weights in case. Used just a few times and also in new condition. SOLD Shipping US lower 48 states. Not interested in any trades at this time. Thanks! pin 12/19
  3. Amazing numbers especially with the 221 keeping up at a weaker loft. I was trying to figure out my combo set of 221/225 but full sets of both might be best choice .
  4. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5, RH 35". Standard loft/lie. Comes with headcover. Its been rolled on carpet but never used outside. 100% mint condition. $500 shipped. Epic Speed Trirple Diamond LS 9 degree, RH. Used for about 5 rounds and still in good condition. Comes with stock Mitsubishi MMT shaft 60X, standard length and grip. SOLD Shipping to lower 48 states only. Not looking for a trades at this time.
  5. TCB 4-PW, RH. 4-6 irons never hit, 7-PW used for 1 round and still 100% mint. Look and feel great, I just don't have the game for them with how infrequently I get to play. Standard loft/lie. DG 120 S400 tour issue shafts, 1/2" long. Golf pride cord grips. SOLD Odyssey 2 ball Ten with white hot insert. RH 35". Standard loft/lie. Used 4-5 rounds and also still mint condition. Superstroke GT Tour grip. Comes with Odyssey and Swag Headcovers. SOLD pin 10/31
  6. RH Srixon ZX 3 iron. Used for 1 round and mint condition... Hit maybe 10 balls total. Standard length/loft/lie. Ventus Blue 9X Shaft. SOLD
  7. RH Srixon ZX7 iron set. Used for about 8 rounds this year. Clubs are in good shape.. 5 iron is the only club with a rock ding on bottom (see in pics.... doesnt affect playability). Standard loft/lie. DG 120 X100's, 1/2" long. Golf pride cord grips, logo down. SOLD pin 8/8
  8. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? Yes What model? Blue and Black 6x - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Red 6TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Epic Speed Triple Diamond
  9. Same... Expect still waiting on my 1st set. I ordered with DG 120 s400 TI on April 1st... Expected mid May then pushed to June, then July, and now end of August. Checked on 4 other shafts with Callaway last week between DG and Project X and all were September or later... I don't get it.
  10. Yeah I'm excited... Always have played a 13.5 fairway wood and it was basically a tee only club. I think this might be perfect.
  11. Ordered 13.5 from TM website on 7/11 and shipped 7/14... Ventus Blue 7x with GP Cord grip... Will be delivered tomorrow (7/16)... excited to hit some mini bombs this weekend.
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