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  1. I'm probably going to part with the AV Raw here soon, I just don't like it. You can't take swings off with it. So if you're having an off day it will kill you. But it was paired with my SIM and the knock on that is that if you miss with it, it will balloon up on you.
  2. It was ok, I think if I went back and had a better session it would yield better results. I almost want to say that the results are inconclusive lol. I will say the TSi 3 looks the best at address with the smaller head, it's more controllable. But the high shine might wear on me over time. The Titleist had the lowest spin then the cobra then the TM. Right now I'm swinging the KK the best. The feel is off the charts better than the Tensei. It also plays 44.5 where the tensei plays 46. I'm a big believer in that the shaft is what does most of the
  3. Needing a new driver: Hit the TSI 3, the SIM 2 and Rad Speed today (I don't like the new Epic or the PING) The Titleist was the lowest spin for me. I am a Taylormade homer to be fair. I've had the M1, M3, M5 and most recently the SIM. I wanted to like the SIM 2 but I didn't hit it well. To be fair I was gassed towards the end of the fitting. Wasn't swinging the best. I might give it another go. I'm a high spin player. My SS hovers around 117-122. Anyone out there hit the new drivers and have any thoughts? For what it's w
  4. Thanks! Can't say I like them. I'm a fan of the short slant but maybe they come out with more hosel options
  5. Went into PGA SS to kill some time and saw that Spider X's were all marked down. Asked the guy there if TM was coming out with a new Spider and he confirmed it. Usually when TM discounts something it means something new is coming. Went on about my day. Because the PGA SS guy said it wouldn't be until March that the putters would be released. Anyways, I was reading an article about the SIM 2 and saw a picture of Wolfe's bag and I saw what looked to be a Spider putter but not one that I had seen before... Anyways, here is the pic. If it's not allowed I will ta
  6. I did see a KK XTS for sale and I was real tempted to pick it up. Although I couldn't find much on it and how it differs from the XD. To this day the XD is the best feeling shaft I've ever hit.
  7. The Pro Orange was my personal favorite followed by the XD. I had the Orange in there for almost two seasons
  8. To be honest I'm a bit of a mitsubishi loyalist. I've had the CK Pro White 70TX the CK Pro Orange 70TX, Diamana D+Plus Limited 70TX, the Kurokage XD 70TX and now the Raw White 75TX.... I do not like th Raw white much. That being said has anyone gamed the Ventus Black 7X and how does it compare to the AV RW White? Thanks!
  9. I don't think they are. For instance you can't get the X7's or the 7.0's because the people that need them are a good bit less than the people that don't need them. The LS would fit people like you or I (assuming you're a good player with higher SS needing to knock some spin off). Basically my opinion would be that you'd have to get them aftermarket because the market for them isn't great. Anyways hope this helps.
  10. I think the 6.5 might be worth a go. Not quite as harsh as the X7 but still stiff enough. I tend to lean more towards the stiffer of the irons. I have more confidence that I can step on it and it can handle it. I played the 6.0's in my wedges and I did like them. I just never gave the 6.5's a go. I feel like they could be in between the X7's and X100 TI.
  11. Well I had a set of 6.0's in my wedges and I actually liked them a good bit. But with my SS and tempo I would need the 6.5's. I neve pulled the trigger on them, I went with the X7's after doing some research and they've really helped my game. But as stated earlier they might be too harsh as my swing and tempo have gotten considerably better.
  12. I have the Utility iron 105TX in my 3i and it's impressive to say the least. Have had it about 4 months now
  13. I just like the feel of the X100's a hard step might be the way to go. I've also toyed around with the idea of going to 6.5's but there's a loss of feel there but not a ton. Less spin for sure. IDK I will have to take a longer look into it haha
  14. That's kinda along the line with my thinking, I don't think the tech is much different from then to now. But new is new, little sharper grooves, less dings and dents, maybe a bit truer lofts and lies than 3 year old irons. Etc.
  15. Hey fellas, need some input here: Currently game the P750's with TT DG X7's. Standard length. I've had them what will be going on three years or my third season with them. I personally love them. Now all that being said, I have thought about just reshafting them. My swing has gotten smoother to wear I was thinking of putting TT X100's in there. But a reshaft will run $300-400 once it's all said and done. Now I could sell them and just pay the difference for new clubs. So to sum it up, do I reshaft or get new irons? Was thinking of th
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