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  1. Totally! I'm no pro lol. I said something a while back about this sort of thing. I swing X7's, and my swing is definitely not on par with theirs. But as my swing gets better I entertained the thought of going back to X100's (TI) because I wouldn't be creating enough spin with the X7's.
  2. I've gotten to a 13 HC almost by myself. Have a couple buddies who are scratch golfers and they've helped a lot. I got an online lesson with Monty Scheinbloom and I'm waiting on him to get back to me. Besides that, would it be worth me getting a swing coach to help me get to single digits? Thanks!
  3. I'll hit full with my 52 on occasion. I say occasionally because I'm a high spin guy and full swing with the 52 usually leads to moon shots that come up short. I feel like an X7 or 7.0 would be too much in my 60 but for the other two I'm strongly considering it. I don't use my 52 around the green and the 56 sparingly. I'll have to give them a run and see what they do. For what it's worth I used to play X100's and I had 6.0's in my wedges and the 6.0 felt less smooth but more stable than the X100's TI's
  4. See I carry S400's in my wedges...they weigh 132g. But I was curious as to how guys who play X's in their wedges. I had a set with 6.0's in them and they were real solid. So you like the 6.5's in your wedges?
  5. I'd have to give them a shot I suppose maybe they'd be too harsh. The X7's are stout but they maintain some feel.
  6. Was kinda hoping to hear that. Just being picky but I don't like the matte silver finish on the LS. Still gaming the X7's but found a set of 921 Tours with 6.5's that I'm thinking about picking up just to try. Granted my X7's are 8g heavier so I'm going to assume that will be the biggest reason they're lower spin/launch than the 6.5's
  7. I also don't necessarily wanna pull the trigger on new irons because I know new release is around the corner. Once that Hawaiian swing starts then you'll see new releases...
  8. I like the look of my 750'a at address. Not big by any means and the top line isn't so thin you s*** your pants but small enough that it's not distracting. I suppose I'll have to go hit the Mizuno's and see. Granted hitting the 919's might be hard to do now. I did however hit the 7MC's and they were butter.
  9. In the market for new irons. But I have another season in my 750's. I love my 750's considered getting another set of them. Was curious on people's thoughts about the 919 Tours and 921 Tours. For reference I have DG X7's. Thanks!
  10. I tried looking up the corresponding weights and putter lengths online for the My TP Juno. I'm less concerned with the colors and all that. I just want to know the lengths and the weights that come with each said length. I do know the shorter the putter the heavier the weight. I had a Juno Patina 34" and it had 15g weights and previously the first juno at 33" and it had 10g weights. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. To piggy back off this, because I worked for TM a few years back. Around the new year, usually Sentry Tournament of Champions, or the Hawaiian Swing, you'll start seeing the guys game new drivers from TM. They won't be retail but you can expect prices of previous models go down shortly after that. IF they roll out a new model.
  12. Right. I guess I should have stated that I prefer the CT tour shaft, that's neither here nor there as far as this is concerned. But I do feel like changing the grip would benefit me to an extent. Appreciate the help!
  13. Right I don't know if the total weight will go down unless I put lighter weights in the head. But I just want a little more feel which I think if I changed the balance point it would help that. Thanks!
  14. I went with the CT Tour because I like the stability of it. I looked into the LAGP TPZ but I just can't drop $300-400 (depending on where you get it) for a putter shaft...yet. Anyways it might have just been a bad putting round, but more balance would give me more control. I've had really good putting rounds with it before and on the practice greens.
  15. Got a question! Just got the TP Bandon 3. Love it. Just feels a tad heavy in the head. I ordered the CT Tour Putter shaft for it. So my question is; if I got a superstroke grip, would that help it feel more balanced? Thanks!
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