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  1. Both the mini driver and the 1 iron had to be switched out. The Mini Driver had a face issue, and was easily replaced since he had a backup head and the club has an adjustable hosel. The 1 iron cracked, and he didn’t have a backup there. As such, that got replaced by the 4 wood. It was pretty windy in the afternoon, so I don’t think conditions would have played a factor, he just needed something to fill the gap between the mini and his next iron.
  2. My opinion is it’s not necessarily about the technology and more about picking the grip that feels best in your hands and makes the club feel stable in your hand. People have different preferences on textures. The MCC grips are a hybrid between rubber and cord, and as such, are a bit more expensive since it’s not as simple of a production process
  3. Right now callaway pre owned has 25% off all orders, and they have a decent selection of MCC grips in the more section. I’d assume these are new grips, as they are marked the same regular price as retail as there isn’t a market for pre owned grips and it doesn’t list condition like the pre owned items.
  4. Old grips that no longer have a tacky feeling just make me less comfortable swinging the club, as I feel like I’m going to lose it throughout the swing. As such, I’m able to swing harder with more control and better tempo with good grips. In regards to performance and feel, I’d just recommend going to a store and holding a few and see what feels most comfortable. Everyone prefers different textures so there isn’t really a right or wrong answer for different swing types. My only caveat is Winn Dri Tacs seems to wear out and need replacement much faster than any other grip, although they usually
  5. I’d say 3 years ago, no you won’t see significant differences in performance, maybe a bit more forgiveness but nothing too crazy. I think what I’m trying to say is there are differences in heads outside of just looks and feel and it varies from brand to brand. You could hit a 10 degree TSi3 with the same shaft and potentially get significantly different launch results from a G425 Max. I think right now most companies are consistently putting good products out there, they just fit different people/swing types better than others. My response was more focused on the response implying that driver
  6. This isn’t really accurate. While yes, drivers have been maxed out in terms of COR and size, there are other factors in play leading to better performance since the 2000’s. Material developments have significantly helped with aerodynamics and off center consistency. While yes, a driver from 2005 might be able to hit it as far as a driver from 2021 if perfectly centered, even the pros aren’t centering their driver every hit. And while yes, looks and feel are two of the main factors, you also need to factor in CG location and general driver weighting when choosing a driver. There are s
  7. By price differences, what people are referring to is the fact that the Ventus Driver/Wood shafts are $350 but the Ventus HB shaft is $200. I know the HB shaft is a bit shorter, but that is a 43% price difference, so that is what people are asking about. I think people are trying to figure out what the difference would be between a 42 inch Ventus Blue 8x wood shaft and a 42 inch Ventus Blue 8x hybrid shaft other than the tip diameter.
  8. I think the product in the shop is up to scratch, Callaway just realizes that golfers on tour have different needs than the general public.
  9. The Epic Max LS performed the best during my fitting, it felt very forgiving and put me into the perfect spin/launch window. If you already have a shaft you like with a callaway adapter, it’s definitely worth trying out.
  10. Went through a fitting today and ended up in an Epic Max LS 10.5 with the MMT 70X. That shaft/head combo produced a perfect ball flight with a 13 degree launch angle while keeping spin in the manageable 2200-2500 range. The im10 shaft felt a bit loose and was giving about 15 degree launch and 3000 spin, but as soon as we switched to the MMT, the Epic Max LS was the clear winner over the TSi3 and Sim 2. I struggled launching the TSi3 into the right window, as it was only averaging about 10 degrees of launch. Can’t wait to get this club out on the course.
  11. I went through a fitting today with several shafts/heads, and the MMT 70X in an Epic Max LS won out. For direct comparison, it dropped launch by about 2 degrees when compared to the Project X im10 in the same head. Additionally, I noticed spin was down by probably about 500-600 rpm when comparing those two shafts, and the MMT felt more stable. The end result was a much better ball flight with a consistent 15 yard improvement in carry and more rollout. One of the other competitors was a TSi3 with a Tensei AV Raw white. I liked the feel of that shaft, but that combo only launched about 10 degree
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