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  1. Looking for a winter golf jacket. Was considering the one below since I have a UA discount and enjoy their other golf apparel. Anyone have it and can give feedback? If not any suggestions? Have been a big winter golfer in the past but thinking of changing that this year.
  2. Wish the tiger spec was a 51* PW bc I would have been all over that. Would rather play that set with the weak 3 iron through PW instead of the 47* wedge and adding a gap wedge. Everything points to the fact that he plays a 49*.
  3. Trying not to pass judgement on a leaked photo but first impression is meh. But obviously that could change. Looks basically the same shape and form without the sliding track and logos moved around. I’m sure it will perform though. I’ll probably stick with my sim for another year.
  4. In for answer. I have the standard p7tw and tossed around the idea of getting the tiger spec for the weaker lofts when I was shopping. I like having a 56-60 but wasn’t a fan of that 7* gap between the PW and 56. Still think it’s odd if tiger plays with this gap. Would make a lot more sense if he did play a 50-51 PW but doesn’t make sense as to why TM would sell a tiger spec that really isn’t tiger spec.
  5. Its funny though... when you watch all these one piece takeaway videos online they all sound the same. Something like, “just rotate your torso/shoulders and arms in one piece, maintain the triangle.” You never hear them say anything about extending arms away or any lifting. All this time I thought I was just turning too flat and really, it was just that I was restricting arm movement up/away. Like I said, I’ve even had about 10 lessons this year from 2 different pros that still didn’t explain the takeaway in a way I could understand. They both looked at me cross eyed almost. I see n
  6. Again, for me, just focusing on turning the shoulders on a tilted plane and or 90* to the spine has been an awful swing thought. I took those ideas too literally and restricted my arms early which brings the club inside and causes late lift and ott coming down. Monte recognizes that this type of swing tip can be dangerous to some and addresses it in the beginning of his no turn cast video. For me a better thought would be turn 90* to the spine and swing the arms to the top or lift hands over shoulder.
  7. Keep going... some of the words you just used have been some I have been very curious about.
  8. Wish i would have seen this a long long time ago. The feeling what the arms naturally do (that i've gotten away from) is beautifully explained in the Manuel De La Torre videos I just watched. Thank you for this. Anyone who is feeling the way i was should stop now and watch this entire video.
  9. This is the sort of stuff that has gotten me in trouble. If you take those words literally, which i tend to do... the club comes inside if you don't lift. Those words say nothing about lifting! 1:15 mark of monte's no turn cast video on youtube explains what i mean perfectly. Unless I have an insanely steep turn, which I've tried, those words above and others describing the one piece takeaway have wasted years of my golfing life. They all leave out the part (I think) that the arms have to lift to keep the club in front of you. Yes, those cue words you mentioned above may work f
  10. The only way it’s not 3 things at once is if one or 2 of those things happen in reaction to each other. Meaning they happen unconsciously. I think I’m one of those that have taken the one piece takeaway way to literally for a long time. Restricting arm lift and hinge. Problem is that reintroducing those things feels very difficult to time correctly and make repeatable. Which bring me back to the original question. If the takeaway needs to include some lift and hinge along with the turn... when do those things happen? Right at the start? Or start in “one piece” and begin lif
  11. That’s about on par with a Facebook group reply. Thanks
  12. It's been a frustrating year for me. I've beat my personal best scores twice this year (was 85) with scores of 81 and 78. In both cases, I posted scores of near 100 in the following couple of rounds. I'm convinced that both those low rounds were complete flukes. I've practiced more in the last 2 years than I have the last 20 years. Yes, my short game and putting is better. But I'm constantly battling my swing... at times I feel like i literally have the takeaway yips. At times I've been completely sold on turning the shoulders at a 90* angle to the spine and not really thi
  13. To each their own. I enjoy playing the game more with my P7TW’s than I did with my cb’s. I shot my personal best by 3 strokes on just my 3rd round playing blades. I’m not gonna argue with that. Nothing is more satisfying to me then a flushed iron shot right now and I doubt that will ever wear off. Would I have ever tried to play blades if I wasn’t a huge tiger fan? Probably not. But I know I’ll never go back now! Enjoy the game how you want.
  14. I’ll also agree that the lack of forgiveness in blades is overblown. I’m about a 10HC and I recently got the P7TW’s after playing a couple of players cb sets for the last 15 years. Yes, I know that some may look at my bag and my score and say I shouldn’t play them. But I don’t care... that’s how I choose to enjoy the game. They’re freaking awesome and I hit them better than I did my “more forgiving” irons. I don’t know if it’s bc I focus more or that I’m just getting better (which it could be as I’ve trended down about 5 strokes this year). Something about the thin sole, top line. and little o
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