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  1. Alrighty. Well I hit on the Black metallic V’s on release day so I guess I’ll pray for these. If not goat it is.
  2. Ok so with the US release coming and Nike making some available for members early... how do we go about being prepared for that? I’m logged in the app, favorited the item, and selected notify me. Should we be waiting on a push notification on our phones from Nike app? Do any other apps give you a heads up before hand? Even if it’s minutes? Are the early access drops for members completely random?
  3. Well no white cements for me yet... but at least my 6 year old got himself of pair of 4's this morning. Couldn't pass on them for $80
  4. I think I might pull the trigger on these via goat if I can sell the fire red/white V’s I just threw on the bst.
  5. $225 plus shipping Jordan V Low Golf Shoes - Fire Red / White - Size 10 Wore them once and decided they weren’t for me. They are in like brand new condition. I don’t have the original box but will include the Jordan box pictured. You won’t find a better price shipped from anywhere on these.
  6. Price isn’t that bad on GOAT. Did you receive yours yet? I assume they come from overseas. Might pull the trigger. I’ve used stockx before with good success. Is goat as reliable? Why are they on goat but not stockx?
  7. Anybody with experience care to share exactly which NDC page I should be sitting on and refreshing? Like the main landing page? Jordan golf search? New releases page? Upcoming? Right now im just on the landing page. I guess the question is where would i need to be to see the shock drop right away if it comes?
  8. I guess we’ll all be watching ndc around 10 eastern. Hoping they drop and I get a pair. If I do my fire white and red v’s will be on the bst today.
  9. I’d be willing to bet that the 4’s are not happening in the US on 2/17. There is no indication anywhere and this doesn’t follow the trend of the last few Jordan golf releases in the US.
  10. Shocked nobody mentioned Under Armour Showdown pants. They’re awesome and I wear them to work all the time. Even the ones for winter (coldgear infrared) are great and can be dual purpose. I have about 5 pairs.
  11. Ok I uploaded to YouTube instead. Thanks
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