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  1. My left adg3 started to squeak today around the 11th hole. Gotta give the powder a try.
  2. Had a really good day today. Shot 74 to beat my career low by 4 strokes and also had my 9 hole best. Tried to blow it on the back but grinded out the last 3 holes. Thanks to everyone who’s replied to my threads lately. My last 3 rounds really built up to today. Got a really good feel for what I need to invest my time in to swing wise. Today was a round to remember for me. Tending down to 8 HC! This is at my new home course. Plays longer than the card suggests since it’s a par 70. I play the gold.
  3. I got a pair of basic spikeless UA shoes last spring and they’re my go to wet grass walking shoes. They’re really comfortable and keep my feet dry. I think their shoes are nice looking but it kind of sucks you can’t find many of the shoes at any store to try on. Also wish they had a more staff following and created more buzz. I think they make nice shoes but something about them isn’t real sexy. I don’t know hard to explain it.
  4. Great advice. What rain gloves do you recommend?
  5. Recently joined a club and playing more golf than ever. I love to walk my course and I have a nice umbrella and a decent rain jacket. I’m not scared of playing in light to moderate rain but don’t have experience in doing so. Trying to envision the logistics of walking and carrying my bag and keeping myself and my bag reasonably dry. Obviously no caddy to hold my umbrella and I’m not into push carts. My first instinct is thinking how college players do it… any tips?
  6. I actually find them to be pretty darn forgiving for a blade. Most people on here can second that. That being said I haven’t played any other blades but I barely noticed a difference between them and my old CB’s on mishits.
  7. I know the P7TW’s are considered a longer blade heel to toe. Just not sure by how much.
  8. Pulled this trigger on it and it arrives Monday. UA’s Memorial Day first responder discount was 40% off and it was already on sale. I figured for $80ish I couldn’t go wrong. I’ll report back. Was just looking for a light jacket that keeps me dry.
  9. Yeah, I’ve never though of the swing or takeaway in terms of a tilt. Very different from solely turning at 90* to the spine. Obviously that happens too but wish I didn’t spend years neglecting this missing piece that obviously isn’t talked about much. Pretty sure all my issues stem for the missing side bend / tilt, especially early. The beginning of the first video explains what I’ve done wrong for years. Inside, flat, then steep, then EE. Even explains why I lose so much right knee flex on backswing and open my hips so much. All goes back to missing the tilt / side bend part early. It makes
  10. Recently watched a couple of videos that were quite eye opening. For years I’ve assumed the one piece takeaway was purely your shoulders rotating 90* to the spine. The videos below detail how left side bend in the takeaway is pretty critical in getting the club going in the right direction early. Obviously would like to hear opinions but this might answer a lot of questions for people as well. Side bend takeaway explanation: More detailed from backswing to downswing about side bend and rotation:
  11. Everything is a push. Things tend to get straighter the longer the club. Every once in awhile I’ll catch it thin.
  12. Also this would explain why I typically hit my longer clubs better than my shorter clubs. Lately anything shorter than a 6 iron has been a joke. With longer clubs I’m probably closer to having better posture and proper distance from the ball. People I play with can’t figure out why I can hit my driver so well but miss greens from less than 130yds. I’ve read and seen videos where a good reference point is letting your arms hang at address and your fingertips being able to touch the top of your knee caps. When I check this, my fingertips are more than several inches above my kneecaps w
  13. My issue now really isn’t EE. Just trying to find the culprit of why I’m shallow to steep. In theory, the one piece takeaway should work perfectly with the correct posture at address. I think that the root of my issues stem from being too close and too tall at address making a natural on plane takeaway impossible. So again, is it reasonable to think that the club shaft should be close to perpendicular to your spine angle when viewed from DTL? It looks like many pros at close to this.
  14. The reason I ask is bc I believe I stand too close to the ball and too tall. If I address the ball with more forward tilt and the club shaft is perpendicular to my spine at address, I can then truly turn around my spine at 90* and the club will travel up the shaft plane. Currently, and forever… if I turn 90* to the spine the club comes immediately inside if I don’t make compensations with my arms or wrists. I appear to turn too flat. But if I change my spine angle to what I described above, all the sudden I’m on plane. This would answer a lot of questions… I think
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