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  1. I’ve always been a fan of 1/4 zip short sleeve jackets. Anyone have a favorite?
  2. Been battling the random shank as well. Trying to learn to avoid them by really paying attention to where I’m striking the ball on all shots. It’s pretty obvious to me when my strikes start creeping in toward heal that a shank is coming if I don’t address it. I think the first key is to figure why this happens. I also agree that it’s usually not about your setup and some silly bandaid. For me it happens when I’m too inside out and handsy (open face). It took me awhile to figure that out. Shanks are frustrating bc there can be so many causes that are wildly different. For example, my buddy struggled with horrible shanks last year as about a 10hc. To the point where he stopped playing completely. I videoed him this spring when it was still present and he was incredibly steep and over the top. His cause couldn’t have bene any more opposite of mine. Go to a pro, get some good quality video and I’m more than sure you’ll figure out what the cause is and that’s half the battle.
  3. This could be an ah ha moment. Was messing around with the feedback and wanted to try the motorcycle move as I hinge to the top. It’s never worked for me before, in fact it was painful… but I think it was bc I was turning too flat and inside. I tried to combine the feel of the tilt and side bend backswing from the OP and just see what happens when I change the wrist movement. This is the first time it felt ok and didn’t hurt. This looks like it has potential. IMG_6702.MOV
  4. Hey guys. Thanks for all the feedback. As I stated in the OP, I know the transition and downswing isn’t where I want to be and I definitely need to work on it. My concern was mostly for the backswing. I agree that I straighten my right knee too much for sure and I’m probably not as flexible as I’d like in my shoulders. I once bought the ball training aid that JR uses and unfortunately there’s just no chance I can keep that ball pinned between my arms. My chest is too wide and I literally cannot squeeze my elbows in enough to do it and I really tried. My last pro agreed I have some limitations there. That being said I feel like I hit all the landmarks on the way back… again it’s an odd feeling backswing with a lot of left side bend and very little arm movement. I feel no rotation or lift. If I allow that to happen at all the clubface comes wide open and it’s shank city. So again I was really just looking for backswing feedback as to whether I should invest in to these weird feels of tilt as a takeaway method and all the way to the top. This backswing is DRASTICALLY different than the swing I’ve been playing with and I was really experimenting with it. By the naked eye I feel like this can be a mid single digit swing as is if I can groove it. No?
  5. Been going through a really bad stretch… got myself to about a 5 Hc earlier this summer and routinely shooting in the 70’s and lately my cap has been climbing and in the mid 80’s. I think I been getting to much arm and hand action in my swing and have even had stretches of shanks on the course. Like sideways… I’ve found that the best way to cure them on the fly is to focus on my turn more and I’ve also been trying to start my swing with more tilt / left side bend action. I think it looks good on video but feels awfully weird. Yet it’s simple and repeatable. Only issue is I tend to get a smothered hook or high push fades creep in. But I think that has more to do with my transition and downswing. Any feedback is appreciated. In the video below I literally feel zero movement from my hands, arms, or wrists. I only feel tilting away until I can’t anymore and then rotate back through. Typically this takes the heel shots out of the picture. I think I’m just looking for confirmation that I need to invest in this swing. IMG_6625.MOV
  6. Got a chance to sneak out to my club today and bang around the 60* TW. Really really like it. Feels night and day compared to my old hi toes. I also have the P7TW’s and I think the mg3’s feel similar. Very nice. Also took it over to the short game area for an hour or so and it really shines there. Love how it sits on the turf especially when you lay it open. Leading edge stay down and is great to look down at. Performed well on open faced tight lies as well as square faced checkers. Excited to mess around with the 56.
  7. In all fairness I haven’t hit the TW’s yet. I got to hit a 52 last month at a pga superstore and thought it felt great. I’m coming off the first gen hi toe’s so the mg3’s are very different to look down at now. Tomorrow I’ll get to hit them and play my first round with them.
  8. Got my TW MG3’s today. Haven’t hit them yet but to be perfectly honest, if there were no TW stamp I’d have no clue they were any different from a regular MG3. Especially the 60.
  9. Passed on the military blues and bought a second pair of the white cements. I've only worn my first pair twice in fear of messing them up... maybe ill actually wear them now with a back up pair in the stable. lol
  10. I finally pulled the trigger on the MG3 TW’s in 56 & 60. Quick question… can someone explain to me how they should be used? Sounds like a funny question but not 100% sure which club is suited for what and how the relief on each can and should be used. For background I typically use my 52 for stock chips that bounce and roll out from short grass. Sort of that back of the stance, square face, brushing technique. I’ll use my 60 for almost any other shot where I have less green to work with and play it a bit more Open and forward and still try to brush the grass and not dig. Obviously I want to take full advantage of my new TW wedges and probably move away from the 52 for the run out chips. Which one are you guys using for which shots and how? How is the grinds helping you for each club??
  11. You sure? I just rewatched the Taylormade video with Rory and Day and he said he was using his 60* in that clip. Didn’t look like he changed throughout the video. Probably not enough evidence but it seemed strong.
  12. Recently ordered the new TW spec MG3 wedges in 56 and 60. Just a bit curious as to which he uses for most of his stock chips? I know tiger implements many different clubs and shots in his short game… just wondering what his go to loft is for an ordinary chip that doesn’t require a ton of loft or spin? I caught that he primarily uses his 60 in green side bunkers based off the last Taylormade video with him and DJ. Said he only goes to his 56 if it’s a longer carry. There was a Taylormade video last year with him, Jason day, and Rory and they were hitting a bunch of chips from Just off the green on short grass. Didn’t catch which wedge he was using.
  13. They’re really going to have to build something special at that price point and it better out perform my first gen sim. Still love it.
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