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  1. FWIW, looks like they are selling off the remaining inventory of the of the Gen2 irons; T, P, XF (no SGI left) at $89/club. Seems like a good deal, especially if you are looking for graphite. The stock graphite is Mitsubishi MMT, which retail at $60 apiece.
  2. Hosier84, aren’t those the older version that was just updated? Still a good deal.
  3. MojoEd

    2 ball ten

    FWIW, Callaway Preowned has the original Stroke Lab Ten putters for sale now through April 5th at approximately $140 “like new”. No two ball, but they have in stock both the single line and triple track alignment with either face balanced (double bend) or slight arc (plumbers neck; “s”) necks.
  4. I don’t play in the top flights, and freely give short puts focusing on the friendly aspect of the competition. Almost universally, the folks I play have the same attitude. I have run into exceptions, but it has never worked out for them. Whether it’s karma or the fact that it gives your opponent extra incentive to beat you I don’t know. Sportsmanship is one of the great things about the game.
  5. Also, keep in mind that a fitter has a limited amount of time with a customer and that a customer has a finite number of swings before fatigue affects them. I expect that the vast majority of customers want to try the latest from the “big 4”, so I am not surprised that fitters will stick with those. There is a limit to how many clubs someone can effectively try in a fitting. Nothing nefarious.
  6. I think this is a great series. If you presume that the fitters are being honest - and I believe they are - I don’t think there is a better evaluation/guide out there. These guys are experts in their field and are sharing there observations from hundreds (minimum) of fittings. I don’t get the cynicism.
  7. Track down on YouTube Rick Shiels recent video where he compares the two. Spoiler Alert: he thought they were both great with little difference between them.
  8. Real life example; guy in our group got fit right before Thanksgiving. He paid for the trackman fitting at local shop with plan to buy from our club using his massive shop credit. Callaway Apex were the clear winners. He went to our pro shop and was told that they could no longer order them. On the plus side, they are going to roll over his credit so he can order the new Apex model when they are released (March?), but he was frustrated.
  9. MuniPukeLife: No first hand knowledge, but I have read a lot of this thread. Consensus seems to be that the 0211s are comparable to an XF/P combo set.
  10. Check and follow the “Deal or No Deal?” forum; the BF deals are always posted there.
  11. Congrats, they look beautiful! I also recently made a purchase from their eBay store; a hybrid in “excellent” condition. It arrived quickly and does not appear to have been hit.
  12. Titleist Player’s 4 Carbon is awesome. Just got one. I always walk and it is comfortable and extremely light weight. I like that it is simple; not a lot of pockets.
  13. Starts with woods today, ends next Monday with 30% off your order. https://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/more/major-daily-deals/
  14. They have synced their hybrid release with their irons, which should show up next summer/fall (August?).
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