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  1. emartinmills: I was surprised when I saw they - PXG Express - don’t list the length and lie angle with their eBay listings; I sent them an email asking them to confirm for a particular set and they responded quickly that “they were unable to confirm the Lies and Lengths at this time.” Great prices, but, as with a lot on eBay, you have to take a leap of faith on the specs. I assume the eBay store is how they liquidate the returns they receive under their 30-day policy and the clubs are not “irregulars.”
  2. i think Titleist is smart here. Their target is golfers like my friend who replaced his Eye 2 irons, that he loved, because he thought he was always taking more club than his playing partners. I told him the loft on his 7 iron was the same as the loft on their 8 iron, but just got a blank look back.
  3. Had trouble tracking my shots in the fall/winter sky. Tried orange (Titleist Velocity); much, much easier to track. (Wasn’t crazy about the ball itself.)
  4. Bought a used 2015 from a certified CC dealer. They offered the upgrade; we passed because we have kids that use it and standard was fast enough.
  5. My understanding is that a Club Car dealer can “reprogram” for about $100, which I think will take the speed up to 18.
  6. V. good looking to me. Definitely glad I held off iron purchase. Thanks for the pics; suspense was killing me.
  7. [CAREFUL what you say guys, you don’t want Cally’s AI supercomputer mad at you! ?] Yes sir, those are some mighty fine looking irons! Mighty fine!
  8. Big Bertha 2019 - my brother just bought a whole set of these down to the 8h. He likes he distance he gets from easy swings. Sounds crazy to me, but he is the tightest person I know with $ so there must be something to them. :). Sale currently going on at callawaygolfpreowned.com
  9. Marco Colo: Solid advice! Remember that the cycle will begin again next September when Mizuno is due to release it’s next generation of JPX irons (921?).
  10. Found clubs, headcovers and towels, returned them all. Lost my Leupold rangefinder on the course, assumed it was gone, asked pro shop if it had been turned in just to go through the motions and it was. This past weekend, returned the favor; found a rangefinder and dropped it off in pro shop. Folks can exceed your expectations. Don’t just call, go to the course and look through their lost and found.
  11. > @rwc356 said: > For me, its always been to try and stop the backswing when my shoulders stop turning. .... That’s my hard to beat bad habit. It would be good to get a teacher’s perspective, but I bet what most people feel is a “short backswing” is actually a complete shoulder turn and back swing. For me, continuing my backswing after shoulder turn is complete only results in a broken left elbow, decreased width and a bad time.
  12. Local course; no drinking. Cart path with steep decline on right side if path. Guy caught the edge; cart went over and flipped pinning him underneath. Nearly drowned; ended up a quadriplegic. Wife dumped him. Be safe out there; golf carts are no joke. https://abilityfitnesscenter.org/about-fred-hetzel/
  13. Agree with all voting for Titleist 983k; perfect.
  14. TY woods991! The reps might not spill details, but they are decent for rumors. No buzz on G710 makes me think they might be due in spring, at earliest. Read somewhere that Ping designers stated that they would be hard pressed to beat G410 irons MOI in a hollow iron, so they have their work cut out for them.
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