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  1. Would putting a larger putting grip alter the toe flow of my Scotty cameron California monterey with plumbers neck? Currently have the standard Scotty cameron pistol grip. I read somewhere a larger grip decreases toe flow and a small grip increases toe flow. Thanks in advance for responses.
  2. Playing in a best ball tournament this upcoming weekend at Crystal Springs in Burlingame. It's my first time playing the course and I don't have any time to get out there for a practice round. Any advice or strategy on playing the course? I play mostly in the East Bay if there is any course that you can compare it to. Thanks in advance!
  3. Nice! Sounds like somewhere in alameda might be a middle ground? Metro or Corica South?
  4. I travel to the PNW maybe 2-3 times per year mostly to the Portland and Seattle areas. What public courses does everyone recommend? I haven’t played many but have been to The Reserve South course, summerfield, OGA, and LO muni.
  5. Yes, I need to jump on a launch monitor to verify but I’m pulling the right club thus far for the distances I’m hitting.
  6. Yes! Greens were amazing! I’d also like to play the north course. I heard it’s a bit more challenging since there are less trees and the back nine gets exposed to more wind.
  7. What is your go to chipping drill or feel to improve your strokes Gained chipping? I’ve been tracking my stats on myroundpro since January and this is the area of my game that I need to improve the most. I just can’t seem to chip in close enough to score better.
  8. What’s the best or your go to tool for fixing divots?
  9. What’s the best store or website to find discount golf polos and clothing? Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Costco, other?
  10. Awesome track! I’ve only played at a handful of courses when traveling up to the Pacific NW but will definitely make repeat trips to this course. My favorite thing was probably the views and the greens. Very challenging reads but rolls true, greens were really firm. Played the combo tees which was a good mix for me. There were a few short par 4s that definitely will get you if you, I went with woods off the tee and ended up too close to the green and had to play some tricky shots. Should’ve laid up farther back to have more full shot into the green. Overall, amazing course!
  11. They feel great! Still dialing in my distances, may need to jump on a launch monitor to figure out the gapping. But I love the trajectory, feel, shot shape and dispersion that I’m getting out of them.
  12. Thanks @jeff1727, there is one located near me but it is about 2 hours away. I appreciate the response to my post though. Have you been fitted using this technology?
  13. Thanks. I definitely need to get back in with my instructor.
  14. Any other putter fitting technology out there besides the SAM putter lab?
  15. Any tips, drills, or swing feels on holding the wrist angle during the downswing? I feel like I’m getting an early release resulting in more chucked shots or hitting behind the ball.
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