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  1. Anyone that got the raw black CB 1008 that could share some wear/patina pictures? Thanks
  2. Hi. Any chance if you sharing a picture of the patina and wear of your raw black version? Thanks
  3. Titleist CB is the modern equipment era #1 classic iron.
  4. Going back to my New Level irons after a season with the Callaway Apex MB 18s. A little stronger lofted, and I still hit them high enough. Changing the 4 iron spot back and forth between the New Level 902 and Callaway Apex Pro 21 4 hybrid in a KBS Prototype 80S. The Nordberg longneck is still the gem in my bag, the BGT Stability Tour shaft really made a big difference for me feel wise. Looking for a lighter Vessel back for the quick afternoon rounds, but they are still out of stock. Another change this season is from Pro V1X to the Vice Pro Plus. See sp
  5. Giving Haywoodgolf a chance this season. So far they are impressing me. 48 bent to 49, 56 bent to 55 and 60 bent to 59. All in S400. And most important of all, all RAW
  6. Been playing 6.0 HZRDUS shaft in driver for as long as I can remember. Current in a SIM2 8° head turned down to 7,25°, still getting about 2750 spin and often over 40° land angle. 105 SS and about +5 AoA. Should I try a lighter X shaft?
  7. This has to be my favorite WRX thread of all time! Wish I had a supplier like Oughtons here in Norway! Would love to do a raw treatment to my Apex 18 MBs together with my TP-18 ferrules...
  8. I have not, only to a couple TrackMan sessions. Seems to give higher ball speed and less spin than my Mavrik, but I had to lower the loft more to achieve that. Both the driver and wood feels powerful when struck well. The driver might not be the most forgiving, but it’s early to tell. The wood seems really easy to hit from the turf and quite a bit longer than my previous Epic Flash.
  9. HZRDUS RDX Black 60 and 70 6.0 shafts. Driver set at 7.25°. Coming from Mavrik 9° set at 8° driver and Epic Flash 3 wood and loving the change so far. Only thing I would wish different is a blacked out finish and adjustable hosel on the Max wood. Edit: No damage on the driver bottom, just a strange reflection.
  10. I spend far too much time pondering about the top of the bag. FAR too much. In the end I figured that the clubs between 5 iron and 3 wood (got space for two) had to be: 2 iron, 3 hybrid, 4 iron and 4 hybrid. Club selection after conditions and course. The 2 iron is 90% off the tee on windy days. 3 and 4 hybrids are really flexible, and I use them all over the place. My most played setup is the 3 hybrid and 4 iron. I change in the 4 hybrid on days of poor ball striking, and occasionally play both irons on very windy days. I have both hybrids made 0,75 longer th
  11. To my surprise (Titleist, Ping and Callaway have been in my bag for woods forever) the TM SIM2 Max 3W in RDX black is amazing for me. Shortened it to 42,75. Spin and launch is spot on for me. Give it a try.
  12. Epic Flash 5w with the stock HZRDUS Smoke shaft is a lethal combo. Launching real high for your swing speed with a decent hit. Optifit adjustable hosel makes it flexible, 17-20°.
  13. Mizuno HMB 1-2 weak with a high launching shaft is a long and forgiving combo.
  14. Titleist 718 CB New Level 902 Mizuno MP-32 (cut muscle I know)
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