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  1. Corey Paul and Vega gets my votes. Loving my Miuras, but can they be called SMALL?
  2. PW on top. 7 iron below. P is bought separately from the 4-9, but they all have the dot.
  3. Thanks! Counting 14 grooves on the PW and 13 on the 7 iron.
  4. Hi all Finally got my hands on a set of Callaway Apex 18 MB raw P-4. Just in love with the model, I’ve had two sets with a chrome finish before. The “new” set do however got a dot on the hosel I haven’t had in the chrome sets before. Anyone who can fill me in with information on the meaning of this, and if possible the entire Callaway hosel stamping and coloring specs? The green paintfil I believe means 1 upright, is that correct? I have tried to search high and low, but only found partial bits of information here and there. Thanks!
  5. Newest raw addition. P-4 Callaway Apex 18 MB. Here the 7 iron. Corey Paul wedges needs more patina to get their pictures taken.
  6. Finally got around to get a raw version of my beloved Apex MB 18s. P-4 in 1050GH. This completes my raw bag (and me).
  7. Still in the bag. As a member here, I’ve also got few other sets. Coming back to me Apex 18 MB though.
  8. Changing between 7 wood and 3 iron after conditions. Used to play a 23° 4 hybrid, but this season I have gone back to my trusted 22° MP-18 FLI-HI. Hitting more fairways, easy to launch high if neeeded.
  9. Torn between Apex MB 18 and MP-32.
  10. Really like my MP-18 FLI-HI 4 iron in C-Taper Lite. Launches high, feels good, rather forgiving.
  11. Got two raw iron sets and lots of raw wedges. For me it’s became my personal preference. IE. I got a chrome and a raw Apex 18 MB set. Only the raw gets use. Can’t say I’ve seen any performance difference at all.
  12. Really interested in these, just wished the toe wasn’t as rounded.
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