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  1. Can't imagine they sign him. Might as well sign Pat Perez. They need some dynamic young dude.
  2. Just looking for a single shaft for my lob wedge. Thanks.
  3. Strange there weren't more Titleist putters. He must give way the Scotty backups.
  4. Came across an interesting clip in Golf TV's "At Home with Tiger." Looks like Tiger has a random Toulon in his collection as well as a Studio Stainless. White the TEI3 he won the Masters is there, I'm frankly surprised he never tried that model in the Newport 2 shape.
  5. 1. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 AOP 34" inches long In good used shape Bought this used with Scotty Custom Shop tag (I presume this is where the refinish was done) Superstroke grip mid slim 2.0 $330 2. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Pro Platinum 34" inches long In good used shape Also purchased refinished Red Scotty Cameron cord grip $320 3. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Pro Platinum Original finish 34" long Comes with original pro platinum headcover $340 4. Olympic Club putter headcover In good used
  6. So when are there going to be new headcover releases again? I was hoping to get a 2020 PGA Championship one
  7. I noticed Tiger and Rahm go down (15 down to 14.25 for Tiger; 15 down to 14.5 for Rahm). Anybody doing this? Just wondering how it's going.
  8. Surprised he would travel it with the 2016 still
  9. Looks like he may be hitting the M2 in today's practice round (see video)
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