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  1. As mentioned previous black finish wore quickly, and even rusted easily if you didn’t carefully dry them after play. The new one sounds designed the same way, saying that it will patina over time. It’s cool at first but just does not look reflective of the wear actually on the irons. At least with the old finish, after a few sessions the black looked like you played several seasons on it. Chrome is the way to go imo, unless you just like your $3,000 irons looking like you got them out of the bargain barrel after half a season.
  2. Guys, the Accuflex Creation 65 XX was one of the greatest shafts ever produced, even to this day. I have one from roughly 12 years ago that I played on the mini tours, and still outperforms everything else I’ve tried. Sadly I’m worried about it being structurally sound, so I retired it last year. Bought tons of shafts since trying to find an equivalent, but not happy so far. High initial launch that just continues to rise, never balloons. Hard to explain, but imagine when you think something reaches its apex, it just continues to bore higher and longer. Shaft stays thick as long as possible and tapers sharply toward the head, making it super stable. I don’t know if it’s the design, or the nanomet technology, but the Creation puts any other shaft to shame. Plus the ion silver coating was a show stopper. I want a new old stock one, but there are a lot of fakes out there. And I heard someone bought the name and is producing garbage replicas. So much that everyone I’ve contacted asking questions about the origin of the shafts, no one will get back to me. It’s a shady biz. If anyone knows of a reputable dealer with NOS, please let me know! thanks!
  3. No, we don't have that directly. Only pics we have are these: https://miuragolf.com/pages/nicklaus-miura-commemorative-irons-gallery?mc_cid=64a450a12c&mc_eid=c32e9901e2
  4. Did the same selling off stuff recently when I went in for neck surgery. Best of luck on the recovery!
  5. A little more info for those who are interested... The order portal went out this week to those who put their deposits down. We were offered Jack's Spec or Custom. Jack's Spec comes with a Nippon Modus 105 Stiff or Regular shaft with a "commemorative shaft band" and a Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grip. As much as I wanted to get Jack's Spec to get the shaft band, I couldn't go with such a light and weak shaft, so I ordered my Project X 6.5 shafts at 1" over and 2 degrees flat. Standard is in line with Miura standard for MB101, but a bit more upright than I'm used to with a 64 degree lie on the wedge. Both Jack's Spec or Custom come with a black BB&F ferrule. Then if you don't get Jack's Spec with the Tour Wrap grip, you have your choice of Miura/Lamkin UTX Cord/No Cord Grip free of charge, or pay extra for just about anything you want. Unfortunately they don't make Miura grips in Midsize, and they don't list Midsize grips anywhere on their order portals. But they do have them and Jordan helped me with getting MCC Align Black/White in Midsize. I asked if I could get the yellow/gold ferrules they featured in some of the marketing pics. Sadly they said they didn't offer those, so maybe I'll do that whenever I change out the shafts. Been eyeing the MMT since Abe Ancer put them in play, but would've had to pay for them outright anyway on this build, so I figure go with what I know and replace later. Standard upcharges for any shafts outside their included offerings of PX, KBS and TT, but they don't offer the MMTs anyway, at least not directly on the order portal. Lastly I'll say they're a little cagey about the shipping. They said "all sets will be shipped no later than March 2021", but that's a weird way of saying they could be shipped earlier. I think they're all needing some personal attention from katsuhiro himself, so they're just giving him the time to work on it. Can't rush perfection! When you finalize your order on the portal, it makes it sound like the sticks will ship in 7-14 days, but that's just standard for ordering anything from them, so I don't think it will be here any time soon. Feb/March is right around the corner and it's too cold here in NYC anyway to play, so I'm fine waiting. For those who missed out on the pre-pre order/deposit but still interested in a set, my wife might sell you mine when I die. That is if I'm not buried with them of course. They'll have some nice dents in the center by then anyway.
  6. Here's my Byron Morgan Epic Day that Norcal just did for me in an aged copper finish.
  7. For resale, definitely want to keep it as original as possible. Norcal does hundreds of these, and I would definitely recommend. Alter it in any non-stock way, and people will think something happened to it. Just bring it back to stock new.
  8. Oh yeah, the 009 is also 360g stock, HOWEVER, when you cut a sound slot in it, it takes about 10g of metal with it. Hence the 350g stamp I have on this one.
  9. Nice! Love the look of the 006 and imagine its pretty similar, just put together the wrong way (LH/RH). Lol. Totally understand maybe not wanting to mess with it, but winter is upon us, so just go for it!
  10. OMG, I had to share. Carlos from Norcal Putters just did an insanely cool torched oil can finish on my Miura KM-009 putter, and I think I'm in love! I've got another Byron Morgan Epic Day getting his Aged Copper finish, but this one I was the most nervous about. It came out way better than I ever could have imagined. Anyone thinking about what finish to get, should seriously consider this option. Truly 1 of 1. Will post the Byron when it's finished. Big thanks to Carlos at Norcal for communicating with me every step of the way and putting up with all my questions. Can't wait to game it!
  11. Not sure if you're still looking, but I've tried a couple and Norcal is by far the best I've experienced. Haven't used BOS. I just had my Miura KM-009 putter done in a ridiculously cool torched oil can finish. It came out amazing!!! Big thanks to Carlos at Norcal for communicating with me every step of the way and giving me that ultra custom look I wanted.
  12. Got an email during the Masters that we'll have to complete our orders later this month and all sets will ship by March. "The stock set with Jack’s specs will include a specialty shaft from Nippon with a commemorative shaft band, black 1” BB&F ferrule, and a Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip." Custom shaft/grip options too if we want. We also got some new photos... https://miuragolf.com/pages/nicklaus-miura-commemorative-irons-gallery?mc_cid=64a450a12c&mc_eid=c32e9901e2
  13. Wow, thanks @JakeW13! Seems absolutely bizarre that we see Bryson tout the 'strongest, most stable' shafts ever made thanks to LAGP, but they don't even offer an iron shaft in X flex in their current lineup. They just don't cater to 'players' with their Altus line. The only iron shaft in their lineup is a garb 65gram pool noodle. C'mon LAGP! Give us the goods!
  14. Anyone who pre-ordered have any idea when these will start shipping? They told me "early 2021", but of course I'm like, "So can I get mine in January?" LOL Just curious if anyone has any updates. We can get them in "Jack's specs", which I assume would be traditional lofts and more collectible that way, but I want to game them. But also I don't want them just bending traditional lofts stronger just to make them more 'modern' while also turning them into diggers. Curious on people's thoughts about that as well. I know Miura has superbly subtle leading/trailing edge relief, but I'd hate to bastardize Miura's design by bending them strong.
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