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  1. abenjami

    2 ball ten

    I've hit both. The white hot is a lot softer. IMO it's so soft you really don't feel the ball.
  2. I don't think it would screw up the balance. I think the reason it balances a non-balanced putter is because of the weight in the grip and where it's located. It forces the club to balance.
  3. I'm curious to hear thoughts from people who have actually used this grip in play. I've toyed around with it in on a practice green. I think I like it but I'm not sold yet. I do know it will turn a slight toe hang into a face balanced. Specifically, if you put this on an ER2, it becomes face balanced.
  4. I own MP 20 MMC's. Love them. I've played around with the P7MC's quite a bit. Decent clubs but don't compare to the MMC's IMO.
  5. Ecco's all the way. I have a "wide toe box" but normal sized feet elsewhere. So I can't wear "wide" sized shoes because they are way too loose everywhere except the toes. Some Nike's fit me well, others don't. I tried UA, way too narrow for my toes. I own 6 pairs of Ecco's currently (golf and dress shoes). And I've gone through many others in the past.
  6. My 2 cents... All of my Travis Matthew stuff has shrunk. T's, polos, anything. It shrinks. Bought a bunch of Linksoul t-shirts a few months ago. All in the same size (large). All of them fit differently. I have been buying and wearing adidas golf shorts and polos on the course for years and they are great. I know it's just Adidas and all but I wear the sh*t out of them and they keep coming back for more.
  7. My custom Scotty (that is currently for sale) has multiple alignment aides. More aides the better IMO.
  8. If you want just a normal shaft, Scotty's custom shop will re-shaft it for you and I think it costs like $65.
  9. Gotta be Super Stroke IMO. Which is funny to me because I think their new generation of grips with the texture and spine down the back suck. I loved the older generation.
  10. abenjami

    2 ball ten

  11. abenjami

    2 ball ten

    I just ordered a Tour Lined. Going to give it a run and see if I like it better than my Spider X.
  12. I think the recommendation of using the grip that was on the putter is a good one for the reason mentioned. But if you want to change the grip, I would steer away from anything pistol or tapered where the grip is fatter at the top and skinnier at the bottom. Those grips are typically good for encouraging rotating the face, which is the opposite of what you want using a face balanced mallet. Good grips for face balanced are the Flatso and the slim. Whether you go 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 just depends on preference but the thicker the grip usually the less face rotation. My per
  13. My HC consistently bounces between a 6-9. I'm 245-250 off the tee. I play blues most of the time, sometimes whites, and sometimes a blue/white combo. I try to play 6,300 total yards whenever I can. I average an eagle once every 12-18 months. Only one HIO in my lifetime thus far. I've also jarred from ~140 out a few times. Realizing those are well struck balls with a great deal of luck behind them, my more "regular" eagles happen due to chip-ins on par 5's where I almost got there in two, or draining mid-range eagle putts on shorter par 5's when I got there in two.
  14. Possible answers: 1. Said 2-5 HC golfer is an older guy (or someone playing the wrong tees) whose scores are low due to being nails at chipping and putting. But due to lack of distance off the tee, rarely does an eagle opportunity present itself and it's only going to happen if he randomly jars one from the fairway. 2. Said golfer is solid off the tee and has good iron play but is an atrocious putter. 3. Said golfer is not really a 2-5 HC.
  15. I am considering getting one. Are they really such high quality that the price is justified? FWIW, I have been using a Ping Traverse for 3-4 years and it has been a solid bag. My only gripe is that after about 2 years the structural part started to break down. When I stand my bag on a level surface, it stands lopsided. It's like the support poles/rods or whatever weren't very high quality. But hey, I could just buy another Traverse and have it last me the next 3-4 years. Should I pay twice that amount to get a Vessel?
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