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  1. I agree. My winter testing in the "X" shaft went very well. Finally going to hit them in game conditions this weekend. Looks like the marketing department screwed this one away.
  2. There have been some updates to the website: https://www.fullswinggolf.com/kit-pre-sale/
  3. My bag for 2021 is a complete DIY rebuild from what I had in 2020. I went far too heavy in swingweight so much so that it affected my back during practice sessions. The 2021 bag is much lighter and has given me little more clubhead and ball speed as a result. Driver: Taylormade SIM (10.5 Degrees) Shaft: LA Golf John Oldenburg Signature Series (OLYSS) 65 X Grip: GripMaster Classic 3-Wood: Taylormade SIM TI (15 Degrees) Shaft: Accra TZ5 Proto 75 M5 Grip: GripMaster Classic Hybrid: Titleist 816H (19 Degrees) Shaft: LA Golf Tour AXS Blue
  4. I haven't heard about them. Are they available now or coming soon?
  5. I would whole-heartedly agree with you, EXCEPT, if this thing provides TM level data at a quarter of the investment, that’s a bit of a game changer. From the advertisements, that level of data is being strongly suggested. For most of us here, that’s enough to roll the dice with $100 to get in line and see what the final product looks like.
  6. 1) Yes, I measured the SW of the club as depicted in the pictures of the OP. The difference was 2 points (D4 - D6). 2) I would think that once the counterbalance weight is installed, I should at least see a drop in SW first, then what the range numbers look like to determine whether that adjustment worked, no? If it does, then I've identified my target SW and any counterbalance adjustments, if required, needed to achieve it.
  7. The 3rd method is what I'm doing to some extent. The only target was to make them "lighter" SW-wise than the previous set. I've done all I wanted to do with the head and shaft, now I'm looking to add a little counter-balance on the butt end in hopes that it will give me that final little pickup in clubhead and ball speed.
  8. I never considered the grips for those reasons. I figured I’m better taking a chance losing the sensor and replacing it on the fly than dealing with the entire grip.
  9. Hello all. I use the Arccos Sensors on all my clubs to keep up with my stats during play. As I'm working to build my 2021 bag, I'm not sure how I should factor the sensor for the swingweight. I know that the weight , ~7gms, needs to be factored in, see first pic, but my question is that should it be factored into the length of the club? See second pic. Even though my hands would never wrap around it, do I need to consider the additional 1/2" of the sensor? The SW difference between both options is around three points. What in your view represents the more accurate calculation for swingweight?
  10. I looked at the specs of the LS and I think you got exactly what the numbers say should have happened. The LS is heavier by 5-6 gms, launches low with low spin and it's marketed for aggressive swingers. It just doesn't look as good doing it.
  11. Thanks for sharing the info. Wish I had a basement like yours lol! Some follow up questions for you: 1) What were you prioritizing in the data to determine what was “best”? 2) Since the specs between the 120X and 115x (and I assume similar with the PX) are so similar, what differences were you expecting to see in the numbers? 3) At the end of the test, it seems the real discriminator was feel. True?
  12. More pieces of the story emerges. That's the point of the thread. We all share what we know in order to learn the truth, wherever it resides.
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