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  1. Great info. I really wanted to make it to the Chicago clinic (Milwaukee here) but with 3 young kids its near impossible for me to find the time. I've been working with Monte through the Improvement plan and his insight is always beneficial even if he has to constantly remind me to do the same darn thing.
  2. I just got one and attached a Callaway Epic 7 iron. First impressions are that it’s pretty cool to feel it load so drastically and it’s way easier to hit than I anticipated
  3. I’ll probably just return the head and pull the shaft from a different club. Seems like a pain the get it to work otherwise.
  4. Thanks! I wish the guy on eBay I bought the head from was upfront that this wasn’t a normal head.
  5. Here’s the head. It’s a Callaway Epic 7 iron.
  6. Anyone know if it’s possible to epoxy on a screw on iron head used in fittings on a normal shaft or would I need the adapter? Bought an iron head off eBay for an iron I was going to use for practice on the Fujikura MCI practice shaft but the seller never mentioned if having a screw bottom.
  7. Hopefully this is guiding me to a better swing because after the first two days with this aid I have lost the ability to hit any full swing. Everything I do without it on is a bad shank or I've just completely lost distance. It's like I lost all feel for my full swing. I think I just need to stay the course and see where it gets me.
  8. FYI I think preorders are shipping again. Their website shows my preorder as completed and the order itself processing for shipping.
  9. Any update on when the setup videos are coming?
  10. I'd think it would be long run cheaper to pony up for lessons then buying a pricey Speed Trap only to have it give you little in return (esp since there are cheaper options to self create the same effect). Online lessons with Monte are like the same cost as the speed trap and you'd get personalized results. I do love his Efficient Swing series...its superb.
  11. I think its a fantastic series. I started last year with D4D and slowly built most of my swing with that video and I'll continue with this series and recently Monte's online lessons to continue to get better. The way he teaches concepts resonates with me.
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