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  1. If you setup between holes 3/4 there are some mounds you can get high enough on to see holes 3 and 4 and a bit of a glance at 5 and 6 if you're lucky. Course is so spread out you really have to pick your battles and hope you're early enough. Side note, beer prices are absurd but I did get free lunch there yesterday because the lady ringing me up was having trouble with her tablet and just flat out gave up.
  2. I'm really enjoying it. To me its paired nicely with some of the stuff he has me working on with the Improvement Plan. The Hockey Drill is the exact opposite of what I do so no wonder he keeps telling me to fix my darn pressure shift.
  3. Real crappy if your hips get too much into it.
  4. I’ve been eyeing that one up too. The Soto has a nice feel but I like the midblade style more. I just wish it had less offset.
  5. Excellent to know. Not sure why anyone would be putting with a dirty ball or not putting their headcover on but nothing will surprise me anymore.
  6. What about the wear and tear of the head? I thought I had heard that the black finish seems to come off quick.
  7. I don’t have anything to add other than good luck to you sir. Hope this game doesnt get taken away from you.
  8. So basically what Monte has been shouting from the roof tops for years.
  9. I hate how accurate this probably is and also hilarious to think about as well.
  10. Great info. I really wanted to make it to the Chicago clinic (Milwaukee here) but with 3 young kids its near impossible for me to find the time. I've been working with Monte through the Improvement plan and his insight is always beneficial even if he has to constantly remind me to do the same darn thing.
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