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  1. I have been playing one of these for a couple of months after trying ventus velo black 6/7x, rogue 130 white TX, smoke black/green, GD, CK pro, doing a cool clubs fitting, etc. 65tx 2.0 untipped in a 200g sim 9 and it is a stable monster that wants to be swung hard and then kicks like a mule to launch the ball a mile. Completely outclassed the ventus black for me but then everyone is different. Got it from tollbros around Halloween. Fastest combo I’ve ever used, cracked 325 yds on my SkyTrak, never got near that in either a sub zero or any other shaft. Love it and highly recommend it for anyo
  2. I had a call with him on Friday, per JT, the 2.0's aren't even in the country yet, so I'm also waiting on what is still a pre-order. I won't say what he said re: timelines as it's not my company or story, but I'm not concerned that I'm going to get screwed out of a shaft or he's sitting on these. Last shaft I ordered from him was a super smooth transaction.
  3. I played a Ping G2 from about 2005 to 2019. It broke last year and now I have a 410LST in the bag. I switch drivers every other week but that 3 wood had almost a 15 year run and I never had a reason to even look at another club. This LST is going nowhere for a long time, absolute rocket off the tee or the deck.
  4. I've been accumulating this stuff for months while trying to find a driver that fixes my swing, and now need to part ways with these experiments and actually just fix my swing. Shipping included to continental US, located in central US which helps with shipping times. Not looking for a trade other than potentially a PXG proto 9 0811X. 1) SIM 10.5 new in plastic with stock/basic Diamana S shaft. HC, no tool. Bought this on ebay as a backup, serial verified by TM. Never used it. SOLD 2) Ventus Black 7x with TM adapter. Bought on this board from Birdie Bob, has a TM adapter and M
  5. My pxg driving g1 driving iron is still a monster but will try these out just to compare when they hit the demo carts.
  6. I’ll let you tell my wife she’s swinging the wrong way
  7. My wife is taking up the game and has a garbage 5 piece set. Do Callaway, TM or any other reportable company make a $500 full set, LH women’s (ugh) that is decent? Watched a review of a Costco men’s Callaway set almost keep up with the high end stuff and also don’t need to get into custom fitting too much (can bend loft/lie in our shop if needed). Alternative would be buying used?
  8. Mix it up and try left hand low if you’re a righty. Your mileage will vary but for me it takes my dominant hand out to force a smoother stroke.
  9. I’m specific and would say 11.7 which is the accurate result. Saying 11 could be viewed as stretching the truth to sound better than you are and 12 could be viewed as sandbagging. ? If you or they are getting a stroke because you rounded up or down it could matter.
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