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  1. I use the 950GH stiff and the ventus blue 6x in my driver. The stiffness keeps me from hooking the driver. Oddly, my irons launch kind of low with these shafts but I love everything about them. The GD TP works well with my swing too.
  2. Well, crap... I wasn't looking for a new club but now I need it. My hybrid was safe until now.
  3. I have made my own putters. See link in my signature for my putter too.
  4. Definitely going to have to see these in person before I can decide if I like them. They could be awesome looking or just not for me.
  5. I did too but I think that's his 5w. I saw his caddy give the five hand sign to the camera once or twice when he pulled that club.
  6. It's a graphite design but not one I've seen before. Anyone have any info?
  7. It was a Sim max hybrid. You could see it when he teed off on 1 yesterday.
  8. Yup! Love it! No mistaking my putter cover for anyone else's. I also have a baby vans old skool hi on another putter. Still in love with this grip too.
  9. That is the perfect shape. Not a thing wrong with that look imo. Good job Mizuno. I know I just got the SiM2 Max but this is making me rethink my decision.
  10. who is your nearest authorized dealer? - Club Champion, Livingston, NJ or GolfEtc, Morristown, NJ Why are you excited to try the MC Putter shaft? - I would like to experience better feel from my putter. My current putter can be somewhat harsh with the CT Tour putter shaft installed despite the incredible accuracy What flex MC Putter shaft do you want to win? - whatever fits me best but I'm thinking the Xfirm
  11. I go back and forth with my r7TPs and understand the appeal of those old fws. Something about the OG Vsteels, r7TPs and burners that were way ahead of their time. But there are plenty of new clubs that improve on them in one way or another. Plenty are longer but sacrifice launch and spin. Most new fws are going to be more forgiving. Those LTDs are beasts and mini drivers. If you like them, you need to just find the right shaft. If not, then I'm not going to give you any new information. As others have said, the new Titleist "2" woods are something special. They are long, forgiving, and easy to launch. The new SIM woods are really good too.
  12. Still playing the IZ hybrid for another season. It is so good. I didn't get along with the IZ in a fwy (probably tipped too much - felt dead and didn't launch) so I was surprised the hybrid worked out so well.
  13. I'm a 9hc. I play a TS2 15° with a GD VR-7X.
  14. There was a time I was playing a driver-2h-3i setup because I couldn't hit a 3w to save my life. One less club in the bag made the bag lighter to carry. I ended up working on my swing and got older so now I need the help from a 3w and the versatility of a hybrid but you do you. I used to play with a guy who went driver right to 3i and 2 wedges. He was a scratch golfer and just liked that setup. He'd hit driver off the dirt too. You just have to play what works, not a certain setup.
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