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  1. I would be great to see how these wear over time, I am very interested in this finish on irons, I have used it on shafts and have always wondered.
  2. I do have another set of one lengths with KBS FLT 120 shafts I could let go for $500 4-GW but condition is not as good
  3. The best comparison I can give is that they feel/play very much like C-Taper Lite X-Stiff for me, I always found PX too harsh and s300 too soft as well and the MMTs help both issues.
  4. All, Time to clean out the basement, all offers considered, ask any questions and let my loss be your gain Cobra RF33 Proto Irons - NIB TaylorMade P730 3-PW pin 10/18
  5. Hello all, need to move these due to space constraints, wonderful condition P-730 3-PW with MMT 125 Stiff shafts, Length, Lie, and Loft all standard, standard size MMC red/black grips, custom BB&F ferrules. Looking for $900.00 OBO, feel free to reach out with questions/offers.
  6. Brooks, I don't disagree, I wish the Cobra copper PVD was as strong and the black diamondized finish..
  7. Kinda makes you wonder if his real name is Bryson...
  8. great point on the ping, I will pick those up if possible for the next compare...
  9. Agreed on that point, hard to beat the shape of the 14....
  10. Ok everyone, today we have a copper standoff between Mizuno, Cobra, and the Golf Garage. Question of the day, who did the best copper iron? Mizuno MP-20 copper, Cobra RF33 PVD, and Mizuno MP-14 Brushed Copper...
  11. I have a set for sale in classifieds currently, and I would not class it as buyers remorse, rather not a sufficient improvement beyond my current gamers (Wilson V6 tour) to justify the cost. TCBs are great irons, just not for me..
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