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  1. iNeedMoreGolf lol maybe however in reality https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamgsmith/
  2. Thanks for all the replies, the entire set has this issue, some worse some better, I will be contacting Cobra.
  3. Hello all, So I recently purchased my first set of Cobra irons and selected the Cobra connect align grips as I have used Arccos sensors before. While I understood that there would be both extra length added to the club and there may be some movement of the end of the grip, what I have now is severe enough to stop me from playing with these grips. Is this normal for this type of grip? Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share their experience.
  4. Agreed, these are one of Callaway's best efforts in the CB category. No to mention these look sweet with special edition shafts and the red in the grips...
  5. Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons, special editions Ryder Cup S400 tour issue shafts, Golf Pride Dual Compound Align standard size grips, standard loft and lie - SOLD
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