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  1. My next attempt at the 4i/4h slot is going to be a 9w.
  2. Just started using the Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 midsize.
  3. Set gw guy here. I'm much better at knockdowns with that club than the pw.
  4. If you like your 13 club set-up consider a lefty iron for "those" situations. My brother plays to a 2 cap and can hit his lefty 8i 100 or so yards. Sometimes it's a very good weapon.
  5. I love my V-Steel 7w and am currently on the hunt for the 9w little brother.
  6. Michelle Wie has an 11w.
  7. A lot more info and feedback is in thsi thread:
  8. I haven't but I want to. I've recently started looking for a TM V-Steel 9w on the bay.
  9. Using my Tommy Armor 845s irons I built a short set. By bending some clubs 1° weak or strong I have a set with 6° gaps. 3h - 20° 5i - 26° 6i - 32° 8i - 38° 9i - 44° gw - 50° sw - 56° Add a driver and a putter and that's 9 clubs. Depending on the course sometimes I add a fairway (usually 5w) as well.
  10. I've had one. The longer you use it you begin to get an indention where you grip it and it becomes very easy to grip the club the same way every time.
  11. Probably just trying to piggyback of the old classic. Marketing really.
  12. That's hilarious. Did you forget where you're posting?
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