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  1. Same here. I build my hybrids to the same shaft, length, loft, and lie as the irons they are replacing. I also swing them like the irons they are replacing. It allows me to hit a draw or fade as I see fit.
  2. Looks like you've got it handled. However, if it were me, I would still try to find the pw and gw to complete my "dream set" even though I would use the Vokey's for on the course.
  3. Recent thread on this right here.
  4. I'm on record here on looking for a V-Steel 9w but I just put together a new to me Nickent 3DX RC hybrid with a FST 115 shaft and it flies plenty high and straight enough to put that hunt on hold......at least until the honeymoon period is over.
  5. I really miss my Cleveland CG2's.
  6. The question isn't whether or not I have a backup bag, the question is how many do I have?
  7. I go 4w, 7w, 4h currently with the hybrid being 22°. The yardage gaps are as follows: 4w: 235 7w: 215 4h: 200 5i: 185
  8. I like my 7w so much I'm looking to add a 9w.
  9. Most of my golf these days is walk and carry with a short bag (8-10 clubs) so it's 50° and 56° those days. When it's a full bag I love to have my lob wedge in there.
  10. I build my hybrids with the same shaft, length, loft, and lie as the iron they are replacing. I notice a bit higher ball flight and slightly more distance but not much. The comparison is between Maltby TE irons and Nickent 3DX hybrids. I also play a TM Rescue Mid 3 and 4 hybrid sometimes and they have longer and lighter shafts and are about a club longer than my 3 and 4 irons.
  11. Does anyone here have a copy of the True Temper wood shaft trimming chart? Thanks
  12. Went to 3 stores looking for GP Tour Velvet +4 midsize grips yesterday. Zero. Can't imagine that grip being wanted by OEMs.
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