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  1. Value Golf has their Vertex line that is two lengths as apposed to their Pinhawk line which is single length. https://www.valuegolf.com/iron-heads/pinhawk-vertex-dual-length-iron-heads
  2. Click on the Shop Now button to get to the specs.
  3. If you don't mind me asking who did the work?
  4. Love my gap wedge. I use it as much as any other club in the bag if not more.
  5. Another 4w / 7w guy here.
  6. Playing in a MGA event this Sunday on a shortish course so i'm taking my minimalist bag. It goes 44° 9i, 50° gw, and 56° sw. It's really all I need from 145 yards in.
  7. Other. 47° and 51° (set wedges) then 54° and 60° (non-set wedges).
  8. Drop the 3W for a 4W and carry a 60° wedge.
  9. My carry bag goes 5w then 3h. My 3h is built to the same specs as the 3i it replaces so it has a shorter shaft than most 3 hybrids. As a result I have about a 20 yard gap between the two.
  10. I used to carry a 4h but I'm hitting my long irons pretty good right now so a 4i occupies that spot.
  11. Anybody here belong to the MGA? I'm a member of the West Valley AZ Chapter.https://www.mgatour.com/
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