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  1. Everything......except the putter, the putter has a titanium shaft in it.
  2. I putt whenever possible. I've putted from as far as 20 yards from the green.
  3. Currently 47/50/54/58 but I've used every combination under the sun.
  4. I got my V-Steels (3, 5, and 7) at a yard sale for $5 each. They had the whippy M flex shafts in them. Since I was on a very tight budget at the time the most economical option at the time was TT DG S300 shafts. Liked them so much I put one in my driver (TM R580) and another one in the 4w I bought later.
  5. I'm a D/4w/7w/4h guy but I probably won't be much help as I play steel in everything.
  6. I'm quite happy with my two sets of TE's thank you very much.
  7. Time to change the thread title to "All Things Maltby".
  8. My 7w and 3h go the same distance. The 7w just flies higher and lands softer.
  9. I know a few people who carry a driver and mini driver. Works for them.
  10. You can search yourself. https://www.usga.org/InfoClubsDB/Search.aspx A quick look and I didn't see them.
  11. Similar story for me. As well documented in this thread I found the stock V-Steel shafts garbage. I wanted to try a heaver/stiffer shaft but I didn't want to spend much money. I tried steel. TT DG S300 to be exact. Loved it. Love the weight and fell and at $18 a pop makes them the best bang for the buck as well. Another benefit is when I play with someone new and I see them smirk at the shaft I get a great sense of gratitude when I hit them great.
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