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  1. I build my hybrids with the same shaft and length as the iron they're replacing.
  2. The advantage of playing component irons. Damage one and you can just replace the head.
  3. These are nice heads. The grips I used suck but that's for another thread. After a few range sessions and a few rounds it's clear I'm more of a players cavity guy. These just might go in the BST soon.
  4. I get the logic of using different brand wedges. Each with it's own job to do. My OCD won't allow it.
  5. TM V-steel There....I said it. Cary on.
  6. Like others I've been all over the map. Currently going 47°, 52°, and 57°.
  7. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/978322-starting-a-new-adventure-minimalist-golf/?tab=comments#comment-978220
  8. I played a split set once. Maltby MMB (5-7) and Maltby TE (8-gw). I thought it was cool having a split set. Turned out I hit both equally well, or bad if you will. I ended up putting both up for sell and keeping the set that didn't sell.
  9. I'll second the Maltby TE Forged. They're the same size as my Tommy Armour 845s Oversize.
  10. Going to give these a tryout the next week or so.
  11. I liked the video but Trevino said just use a putting stroke and he wasn't using a putting stroke.
  12. Here's another "better player' atypical bag set-up. This time a NCAA player. https://golf.com/gear/ncaa-golfer-surprising-gear-setup-barstool-fully-equipped/
  13. It's my guess he'll have a caddy and a full bag then.
  14. https://www.skysports.com/golf/news/12176/12321047/the-149th-open-juvic-pagunsan-wins-mizuno-open-carrying-only-11-clubs-to-secure-major-place Juvic Pagunsan, playing without a caddie and with just 11 clubs in his bag, claimed a three-shot victory at the Mizuno Open in Japan to qualify for The 149th Open; Ryutaro Nagano also secures major invite with runner-up finish
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