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  1. Just put 16° and 22° TM Rescue Mids back in the bag.
  2. Took the old Rescue Mids out for a spin today and they felt pretty good.
  3. My walking bag goes 50/56 and it's just fine 95% of the time. Every once in a while I would like to have my lob wedge but I could live without it.
  4. I'd love me some blank heads. I wouldn't write yardages on the though. however, I would name them.
  5. Ben Hogan golf tried it. Turned out people didn't care for it to much.
  6. Damn! Another poll where I have to choose "other". Adams here.
  7. All my wedges are fit to me using the same TLT fitting I got for all my irons and hybrids.
  8. Been playing these awhile and at $12 a head it doesn't hurt the wallet replacing them often.
  9. Yep. https://www.golfwrx.com/639531/camilo-villegas-witb-2020-october/
  10. Glad your happy with the SIM ti 3 metal. However, the V-Steels are never leaving my bag. I 'll be buried with them someday.
  11. Currently only carrying 10 clubs. D - 255-260 5w - 225-230 3h - 200-205 5i - 180 7i - 160 9i - 140 pw - 125 gw - 110 sw - 95 p - 295 (I catch it thin sometimes)
  12. I'm 57 and like to walk. Currently I've kinda settled on a 10 club bag. D, 5w, 3h, 5i, 7i, 9i, pw, gw, sw, and p.
  13. I'm still a TLT guy. The best thing I've ever done equipment wise for my game.
  14. I've said this in many threads but I believe the TM V-Steel is the finest fairway ever made. Looks, sits, feels, and sounds perfect.
  15. azgreg

    12 club bag

    I sometimes play a 12 club bag. D, 5w, 3h, 5-gw, sw, p.
  16. My next attempt at the 4i/4h slot is going to be a 9w.
  17. Just started using the Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 midsize.
  18. Set gw guy here. I'm much better at knockdowns with that club than the pw.
  19. If you like your 13 club set-up consider a lefty iron for "those" situations. My brother plays to a 2 cap and can hit his lefty 8i 100 or so yards. Sometimes it's a very good weapon.
  20. I love my V-Steel 7w and am currently on the hunt for the 9w little brother.
  21. Michelle Wie has an 11w.
  22. A lot more info and feedback is in thsi thread:
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