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  1. A lot of feedback on those in this thread:
  2. Set pw and gw guy here. When I use them around the green it's for chipping only and I set up with a square face so they work well.
  3. Didn't Karsten at PING say everybody should be in stiff shafts?
  4. azgreg

    Your lofts

    D - 10.5° 4w - 16.5° 7w - 21° 4h - 23° 5i - 27° 6i - 31° 7i - 35° 8i - 39° 9i - 43° pw (set) - 47° gw (set) - 51° sw - 54° lw - 60°
  5. You used to be able to get fit right at PING. Don't know if that's still true though.
  6. First round of the year coming up tomorrow. Driver: Adams 9088 UL Fairways: TM V-Steel 4w and 7w Hybrid: Nickent 3DX 23° 4h Irons: Maltby TE Forged 5-gw Wedge: Acer XB Satin 54° and 60° Putter: Tiger Shark Great White GW-3
  7. I go back and forth between my set gap wedge (Maltby TE 51°) and my Acer XB Satin (50°). More often than not it's the Maltby.
  8. Hybrid, but I'd like to try a 9w in that slot.
  9. Whatever you do don't touch that V-Steel.
  10. Happy New Years Howard, I haven't been able to source the Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 midsize grips around here so I tried this method with a set of Lamkin Crossline midsize grips I had and it worked great. The grips feel great. Thanks
  11. Currently playing the set pw and gw along with a sw.
  12. Just around the feel pretty good. I'm going to the course today for a proper workout.
  13. I've been playing my hybrids with the same shaft, length, loft, and lie of the irons they replaced for years now. No reason to change.
  14. My pw and gw are basically 10 and 11 irons. They match my set.
  15. I don't care for Apollo shafts.
  16. This is why I asked about the Score LT shafts. Goldworks has them now for $6.
  17. I play mostly a minimalist set-up (sorta, 10 clubs). I go with a set pw and gw, basically 10 and 11 irons, then a 56° sw. Every once in a while I wish I had a lob wedge but not nearly often enough to carry one.
  18. Can anybody here who has hit both the FST 115 shafts and the Score LT shafts compare them for me?
  19. I know, I know, another one of these.....anyways.... I play Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 midsize grips. All my clubs have .600 diameter butt end shafts. I built a driver with a shaft that has a .610 diameter butt end shaft. What do I need to do to achieve the same size/feel? Is it simply a matter of using a regular size +4 grip? Thanks
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