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  1. I know, I know, another one of these.....anyways....


    I play Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 midsize grips. All my clubs have .600 diameter butt end shafts. I built a driver with a shaft that has a .610 diameter butt end shaft. What do I need to do to achieve the same size/feel? Is it simply a matter of using a regular size +4 grip?



  2. 2 hours ago, ShortGolfer said:

    If you carry less than 14 clubs you can add clubs later in the round.  Something to consider if you have anger management issues.

    Why would we have anger management issues?


  3. My favorite grip by far is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 midsize. Unfortunately nobody around here has any at the moment. Just had to grip some clubs with the old standby Lamkin Crosslines with some buildup tape under the lower hand.


  4. 13 hours ago, Popeye64 said:

    I believe they will survive at least another year. If they keep selling I'm sure they will stick around....But if you want a set I wouldn't wait till the last minute. 

    I was asking because the website shows that the 3 iron is no longer available. I'm assuming the rest aren't far behind.


  5. Find yourself an old Nickent 3DX (any variant). As to the draw bias, if you listen to people here they all have hook bias. Don't listen to them. It's the Indian, not the arrow.


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  6. 4 hours ago, eric61 said:

    Do you also carry a 4 iron, or go into your 5 iron from there? D/5W/4H then on to 5 iron works out well gapping-wise for me, but puts me at 13 clubs, so I have room to carry one more.

    I'm currently carrying a 4i after not carrying one for a long time. More often than not it's used for a punch out club.



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  7. I've been a long time D, 4w, 7w, 4h, 5i guy. When I started carrying a short bag when walking I went D, 5w, 4h. I found I really liked the top of the bag that way. I found that I scored better when not going for greens from over 200 yards out. So, when I play a full bag I add a 4i as well. It goes almost as far as my 4h but flies lower and is great for escape shots.

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