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  1. [quote name='Bottlenosedolphin' timestamp='1357595150' post='6185627'] why not just go all out? [url="http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/blogs/newstuff/2012/09/feel-golf-introduces-conformin.html"]http://www.golfdiges...-conformin.html[/url] [/quote] Perfect, now I'll have a club to fill the gap between my 56° and 90° wedges.
  2. The DBMs look like a coated TE. I'm currently playing MMBs, and don't see anything knocking them out of the bag anytime soon.
  3. This isn't the dumbest thread, but you sure can see it from here.
  4. I'm still loving my V-Steels. Looking for a driver head to match. Tried the R540 and R580 from the same year, but not quite right.
  5. [quote name='fishstix94' timestamp='1357058601' post='6148079'] Good? [/quote] I liked them very much.
  6. [quote name='smellysell' timestamp='1357058486' post='6148069'] Doesn't say anywhere, but I'm assuming these are forged? [/quote] I honestly don't know. I've been on a Maltby kick lately and the Acers are in my father-in-law's bag right now.
  7. Another component option. These are very good wedges. [url="http://www.valuegolf.com/acer-xb-satin-wedges/"]http://www.valuegolf.com/acer-xb-satin-wedges/[/url] You can even get a 68° if you want.
  8. Cleveland CG2 irons 2-SW, TLT fitted (short irons longer than standard with long irons about stock length), True Temper Dybamic Gold stiff shafts. 2-4 have GP New Decade midsize grips, 5-sw have DG Tour Velvet midsize grips. These are great irons, but I got into club making so I don't have any room for them. $130.00 shipped to lower 48 states.
  9. TM V-Steel 4W is 16.5°.
  10. 47°, 51°, 56°, and 60°.
  11. [quote name='Fourmyle of Ceres' timestamp='1354633498' post='6016591'] So far I've mostly kept the hybrid in there. Sometimes I leave out the 3-Iron and 4-Iron and just use the 22-degree hybrid. [b]But my problem is, the hybrid is much lighter than an iron yet much shorter than a fairway wood. So if I only hit it a couple of times in a round it always feels like I'm adjusting my swing to a one-off club somehow. Never really get in a groove with it[/b].[/quote] This is why I shafted my hybrids with the same shaft that is in my irons.
  12. At just about all the courses I play if I have to hit a 3 iron it's because I hit a crappy drive and I'm probably in the rough. I'm much better out of the rough on a long shot with a hybrid than a long iron therefore hybrids occupy spaces in my bag.
  13. Currently (always changing) I have a 20° and 23° Nickent Genex 3DX with steel shafts set to my 3 and 4 iron lengh. Thinking about adding the 17°.
  14. Covering these stories on the golf channel and they are heartbreaking.
  15. There is a place near my house with the same rules.
  16. [quote name='driverwedge3putt' timestamp='1354231496' post='5997259'] Just watched the last episode. Shank is awesome. He's really entertaining TV. The other guy (And yes I said his wife deserves a backhand! (J/K of course but not really)) makes me sick. So annoying, just quit if you don't want to play anymore - seems to have a pretty cushy life and complains an unbelieveable amount. [b]Not as good as the guy in the pipes [/b](Best show ever) but this is a good way to kill 30 min once a week. [/quote] What ever happened to that guy? I missed the end of the show.
  17. azgreg

    Maltby mmb's

    I know this is an old thread, but what the hell. I've been playing a set of these (5 thru GW) now for a couple of months and they are as good as anything out there. They feel great, look great, and hit great. What else would you want?
  18. [quote name='bobfoster' timestamp='1354424572' post='6006663'] I'm horrified, really. And wrote a letter to TGC (something I've never done ... not that it will mean anything to them). What is going on is historic ... [i]the last Q School to ever be played[/i]. And I remember in years past having hours and hours of coverage. The idea that all we'll get is some cheap two hour "summary" highlights show? I'm seriously bummed. [/quote] Slight over-reaction maybe? besides, the Q-School isn't going away just the stakes are different.
  19. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1354395112' post='6005175'] Guys, are you all keeping graphite in your fw's or going steel there too? [/quote] Everything in my bag has steel in it.
  20. [quote name='Sean2' timestamp='1354314636' post='6002011'] [quote name='driverwedge3putt' timestamp='1354288954' post='5999803'] looking at these pros bags makes me think very few of them if any have more than 2 wedges past the PW - most are PW 54 and 60. a few are even 52 60 - and we worry about equal spacing / distance between wedges !!!! I couldn't sleep if my wedges didn't match my irons in the past.. lol. [/quote] I saw the same thing, and it had me wondering as well. Curious, isn't it? [/quote] Remember the pros play much longer courses so they need another option at the top of the bag.
  21. My recommendation is one of the following: Wilson Duo, Top Flite D2 Feel, or Srizon Q-Star.
  22. [quote name='Brettasaurus' timestamp='1354118877' post='5989629'] I'm shocked that you guys can play a ball for 36 holes. I am happy to lose only one on each 9. I play courses with a lot of "natural grass" areas that are black holes. [b]For those that play both, how is the Duo compared to a Q-Star or E6?[/b] [/quote] I've played the Q-Star and Duo and would put them at about even for feel and performance. I would also put the Top Flite D2 Feel in that group as well. I have not played the E6 in ages so I can't help you there.
  23. [quote name='Agent Jim' timestamp='1354161034' post='5993421'] I just got mine today. I can't wait to hit it on Monday. I'm really thinking of trying a DGS300 in it. It currently has the stock graphite shaft. [/quote] That's what I have in all my V-steels.
  24. I am currently using the Tiger Shark grip and like it a lot. [url="http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_TSG004_A_cn_E_10042"]http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_TSG004_A_cn_E_10042[/url]
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