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  1. TM R7 Quad TM R540 TM R580 Titliest 983K Ping V2 Rapture Ping G10 Maltby CT250
  2. There was a time when I carried 4, 14°, 16°, 19°, and 22°. Now I'm not carring any.
  3. [quote name='drumdude96' timestamp='1345306979' post='5494520'] I'm going to try to win an 8.5° 983E today. If I get it the first thing I'll do is put an X100 in it. That should be a nice mid-launching rocket for me. [/quote] If you don't win it let me know. I have one that I'm not using and maybe we can deal.
  4. Another vote for the TM V-Steel here. I play it at 42.5" with a TT DG S300. I have to really try to hit a bad shot. perfect flight with a baby draw. I also have the 5 (41.5") and 7 (40.5") also with S300 shafts.
  5. I play mine at 44.5". If it's good enough for Bubba, it's good enough for me.
  6. Those JuJu covers are nice guys! Can someone pm me contact info for her?
  7. I've only palyed about a 1/2 dozen different 3 woods and by far the best of them has been the TM V-Steel with a TT DG S300 shaft at 42.5".
  8. No go to club here. There are just to many variables on each hole to consider.
  9. Sometimes I carry both. My 3H goes about 15 yards farther than my 3 iron.
  10. I agree with all above. If it's a fun round with the buddies or alone it's all good, but if it's a tourny or money on the line, by the book is the way to go.
  11. I used to play my irons with the basic static fitting (+1 length, +1 lie, etc.) and it was ok. Recently I got a TLT (True Length Technology) fitting and after a few rounds to get used to it. it took me to a all new level of iron play. I knocked about 4-5 strokes of my score with thay alone.
  12. [quote name='Chef Otto' timestamp='1344283277' post='5418044'] So I have a G2 10* and a R540 9* laying around. What would be the better choice? the PING head would need to be shimmed correct? I played both these drivers with graphite and the PING was longer with it's 460cc head. But the TM should fit a 350 shaft? Suggestions? Thanks. [/quote] If your not in a hurry, I have a R540 10.5° on the way and I am going to put a TT DG S300 at 43.5" in it and I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. I just picked up a TM R540 10.5° off Ebay for the giant sum of $6.00. I am going to put a TT DG S300 in it at 43.5" and let it rip.
  14. I used to have one years ago, very good club. I know a single diget capper that has 2 in his bag right now.
  15. [quote name='CheckJV' timestamp='1343764387' post='5385424'] I'm currently gaming a 46*, 51*, 56*, & 63* The 51* is the 3rd most used club in my bag, putter and driver being 1st and 2nd. I could not drop my gap wedge. [/quote] I'm with the 46°, 51°, and 56° setup myself. Could not go without the gap wedge.
  16. [quote name='rlynham' timestamp='1343247400' post='5352692'] First i have seen of these new X hybrids. [url="http://tourreport.pgatour.com/2012/07/25/els-big-win-for-callaways-x-hybrids/"]http://tourreport.pg...ways-x-hybrids/[/url] Can't see the front but from the back I wonder how well they would do out of the rough. Looks like the rough would wrap around the hosel just like it does with an iron. Might be a good option for people who don't like hybrids. Seems like a lot of people on here fight a hook with them. [/quote] Watch the video 3 posts ahead of you.
  17. [quote name='ndc' timestamp='1343191506' post='5348262'] The link to the KBS web site lists the tip size of their hybrid shafts as ".370 taper". I've never heard of this tip size before. Is this just an error? [/quote] According to the Golfworks site: [quote] [b]Features:[/b][list] [*].370" tip diameter [*]Features a gradual stepless taper starting at the anchor location (between the hands) and continuing to the tip just above the hosel [/list] [/quote][list] [*] [/list]
  18. I have steel shafts in all my hybrids (TT DG S300). Best thing I ever done.Something else I do is set the club length like irons. I'm currently playing 5 on down in irons with 2-4 hybrids. I have a 3/8" difference in all of the club lengths (2H thru GW).
  19. True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 maybe? Plus it's only $15.00.
  20. I currently bag 3 hybrids. TM Rescue Mid 2H (16°), 3H (19°), and a 4H (22°). I like them so much I have the 5H (25°) on the way. All are with steel (stiff) shafts.
  21. [quote name='JWells' timestamp='1342828319' post='5318782'] I see a lot of pros play short 44" drivers now, I play a 43" (I'm 5'6) but that's even short for my height, I have gained lots of control [/quote] I'm 6'4" with a WTF of 39" and I recently went to a 44.5" driver and could'nt be happier.
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