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  1. 1 hour ago, Shushwap said:

    I guess I had better call the pro shop and get a 7 wood on order as everything is slow right now with the pandemic..

    Order a 9w while you at it.


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  2. On 5/14/2021 at 5:39 AM, EDT501 said:

    I am playing my normal steel iron shaft in my hybrids at normal iron length and even though I play a draw I have to actively try and turn the thing over. As others have said, the shaft itself doesn’t cause a draw, but it can throw off your timing and how you deliver the club face causing the ball to go left. 

    It’s my understanding that going shorter (like cutting down from hybrid length to iron length) makes the club play flatter, which can help with a left miss. Also people tend to be less prone to turning the ball over with a heavier club. I think going shorter and heavier (and probably stiffer) would make sense here.

    Same here. I build my hybrids to the same shaft, length, loft, and lie as the irons they are replacing. I also swing them like the irons they are replacing. It allows me to hit a draw or fade as I see fit.


  3. Looks like you've got it handled. However, if it were me, I would still try to find the pw and gw to complete my "dream set" even though I would use the Vokey's for on the course.


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  4. On 4/26/2021 at 12:05 PM, Tim_Gavrich said:

    I've had a V-Steel 7 wood in my bag for a decade, with a steel shaft in it that makes it slightly longer than my 4 iron. It's a great club, but the .350 hosel has made it almost impossible for me to source an X-flex steel shaft to put in it to bring it in line with the rest of my bag (irons have KBS Tour x-flex). Any ideas out there?


  5. 23 minutes ago, Dan Drake said:

    I was thinking the same thing!  I have a backup bag, a vintage bag, a minimalist bag, a lefty bag, a minimalist bag of “heritage” family clubs, and a bag for any friends that come into town and want to play, but didn’t bring their sticks.  All of these bags are in some general state of disassembled, but i could have any one of them ready for play first thing tomorrow, if so needed.


    Yes, I have a problem..........

    No you don't.


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  6. 1 hour ago, john myrbch said:

    Assuming that 7 wood is 21*, what is your next club? If you look at my sig, I go from a 16.5* 4 wood to a 19* hybrid. I’m assuming the 7 wood will replace that.
    Would a 21 or.22* 4 hybrid be okay or should I go with something higher lofted behind the 7?

    I go 4w, 7w, 4h currently with the hybrid being 22°. The yardage gaps are as follows:

    4w: 235

    7w: 215

    4h: 200

    5i: 185


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  7. Most of my golf these days is walk and carry with a short bag (8-10 clubs) so it's 50° and 56° those days. When it's a full bag I love to have my lob wedge in there.


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  8. I build my hybrids with the same shaft, length, loft, and lie as the iron they are replacing. I notice a bit higher ball flight and slightly more distance but not much. The comparison is between Maltby TE irons and Nickent 3DX hybrids.


    I also play a TM Rescue Mid 3 and 4 hybrid sometimes and they have longer and lighter shafts and are about a club longer than my 3 and 4 irons.



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