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  1. I wake up at 4:30 every morning for work so the early morning round is no big deal for me. Last week I teed of at 5:15 saturday and sunday.
  2. [quote name='rodrigo' timestamp='1339464305' post='5071058'] aircan(airduster). with 1 can i can regrip 13 clubs, clear my pc. [/quote] What do you use for a nozzle?
  3. I used to play this shaft in a Maltby CT-250 driver head. Liked it a whole lot.
  4. I agree with the other guys. You need to adress that gap between the 5I and 5W. Looks like 2 clubs to me.
  5. You know the old saying: "If it aint broke, don't fix it."
  6. [quote name='dac' timestamp='1339368229' post='5063122'] i'm sure it's different for all players, mainly because of so many variables but for what it's worth, i hit my hybrids a club longer than the respective iron they're supposed to replace. [/quote] Same here. My expierence is that a 4H goes the same distance as my 3 iron and so on. Don't focus on the number on the club, but rather the loft of the club you are replacing.
  7. Wilson Prestege from the Sears catalog.
  8. [quote name='Another Steelers Fan' timestamp='1339164207' post='5052316'] Well, with the red dots gone, in true WRX fashion.... time to start the search for a black dot set. I'm guessing my chances of finding a set that are already lengthened +1" will be slim to none? Any advice on finding a set like this... or is it just that I have to hope to find a +1" set on ebay? [/quote] [url="http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub/-/pid--1001912/iron-set/ping/eye-2.aspx?gd=3"]http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub/-/pid--1001912/iron-set/ping/eye-2.aspx?gd=3[/url] [url="http://www.golfdealsandsteals.com/prod/Closeouts/1--DEALS-AND-STEALS--RIGHT-HANDED-ONLY-/IRONS_67/USED-PING-EYE2-IRONS-SETS_291.aspx"]http://www.golfdealsandsteals.com/prod/Closeouts/1--DEALS-AND-STEALS--RIGHT-HANDED-ONLY-/IRONS_67/USED-PING-EYE2-IRONS-SETS_291.aspx[/url]
  9. [quote name='Titleist710MB' timestamp='1339033469' post='5044456'] Just an easy SM4 64* with my custom Tour Issue 149 gram XXXX Flex shaft. [/quote] I have the same shaft in my putter, I crush that dog!!
  10. [quote name='lukesmurf59' timestamp='1339017355' post='5043104'] Anyone have a 983k 9.5 or 8.5 with a Grafalloy blue stiff they are willing to sell me? Some little $#!& just bought the one I was going to get on Ebay. PM Me if you are interested [/quote] Not the shaft you want, but............ [url="http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub/-/pid--1001195/driver/titleist/983k.aspx?gd=3"]http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub/-/pid--1001195/driver/titleist/983k.aspx?gd=3[/url]
  11. Rock Bottom Golf has Scratch 8620 wedges for $60.00 right now.
  12. To me it's all about the results. It doesn't matter what you use to get there.
  13. [u][url="http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_PMA0110"]http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_PMA0110[/url][/u] [u][url="http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_PMA0219"]http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_PMA0219[/url][/u]
  14. [url="http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub/-/pid--1012534/hybrid-utility/ping/g10.aspx?gd=3&styp=156&sft=1&flx=2"]http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub/-/pid--1012534/hybrid-utility/ping/g10.aspx?gd=3&styp=156&sft=1&flx=2[/url]
  15. Yep, 14*, 19*, and 22*. Looking for a 25* to match my Rescue Mids.
  16. Do you have a budget in mind? Are you looking for new or used?
  17. While not technically a fairway wood I'll be gaming a TM 2FW hybrid 14*, and also an old TM V-Steel 15* 3 wood.
  18. Add another to the Rescue Mid bandwagon. Bought a 2FW (14*) from a friend of mine a few years ago (he couldn't hit it) and have used it as a 3 wood replacement. The thing is a fairway finder. Last week I went into a small used golf ball store and they also have some used clubs as well and sitting in there was this little 19* 3 Rescue Mid with the Tour Preferred steel shaft and a Golf Pride midsize grip for $35.00. I bought it and took it to the course saturday morning. First swing on the club was on a short par 4 (340 yards) and put it about 220 yards down the left side. The next time was a 208 yard par 3 slightly up hill, put it 10 feet left pin high (missed the putt). I love this thing so much I bought a 4 (22*) off of Ebay this morning.
  19. My clubs were stolen 2 weeks ago and forced my to throw a set together. R7 Quad, V-Steels, and CG2s. Scores haven't changed a bit.
  20. PW (46), GW (51), and SW (56), all I need from 135 and in.
  21. I've lived in Phoenix since 92 and Arizona (Tucson) since 1967) and never had an issue with keeping my clubs in the garage.
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