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  1. Recent thread on this right here.
  2. I'm on record here on looking for a V-Steel 9w but I just put together a new to me Nickent 3DX RC hybrid with a FST 115 shaft and it flies plenty high and straight enough to put that hunt on hold......at least until the honeymoon period is over.
  3. I really miss my Cleveland CG2's.
  4. The question isn't whether or not I have a backup bag, the question is how many do I have?
  5. I go 4w, 7w, 4h currently with the hybrid being 22°. The yardage gaps are as follows: 4w: 235 7w: 215 4h: 200 5i: 185
  6. I like my 7w so much I'm looking to add a 9w.
  7. Most of my golf these days is walk and carry with a short bag (8-10 clubs) so it's 50° and 56° those days. When it's a full bag I love to have my lob wedge in there.
  8. I build my hybrids with the same shaft, length, loft, and lie as the iron they are replacing. I notice a bit higher ball flight and slightly more distance but not much. The comparison is between Maltby TE irons and Nickent 3DX hybrids. I also play a TM Rescue Mid 3 and 4 hybrid sometimes and they have longer and lighter shafts and are about a club longer than my 3 and 4 irons.
  9. Does anyone here have a copy of the True Temper wood shaft trimming chart? Thanks
  10. Went to 3 stores looking for GP Tour Velvet +4 midsize grips yesterday. Zero. Can't imagine that grip being wanted by OEMs.
  11. We're supposed to change out our wedges?
  12. I've never bought an old set back but if my old Cleveland CG2's became available I wouldn't be able to get my wallet out fast enough.
  13. I fully get it and understand. My CDO has affected my bag makeup as well. To let you know CDO is like OCD but the letters are in alphabetical order like they should be.
  14. For me it is Rosie O'Donnell.
  15. I've used everything from my pw to lw out of greenside bunkers. Bounce has been all over the map as well. There's just too many variables for a stock answer.
  16. I have had an on again and off again relationship with my fairways. Right now I'm loving them.
  17. When I was struggling to hit my fairway woods I picked up a 14° TM Rescue Mid. Thing hit bullets.
  18. 7w guy here. Flies higher and lands softer.
  19. Just saw that Lee Westwood is using two set gap (U) wedges. One at 50° and the other at 54°. Interesting.
  20. Just put 16° and 22° TM Rescue Mids back in the bag.
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