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  1. 9 hours ago, phizzy30 said:

    I gave my cousin my OG V-steel 3 metal.  Could not find a replacement for it for years.  Finally got a SIM ti 3 metal last year which is based off the v-steel.  Couldn't be happier.  Trackman numbers are fantastic.  Perhaps TM will bring back something simliar to the R11 dot head.  It was a bomber for me and very low spin.  I put a huge crack in the face.  Finally, I had two FT-9TA.  One of the most difficult Cally drivers to play because it was so unforgiving.  However, when hit on the screws, the ball speeds were amazing.  I could see why Phil and other Cally staffers loved them.  Sold one and did a trade in on the other.  Regret doing that till this day.   

    Glad your happy with the SIM ti 3 metal. However, the V-Steels are never leaving my bag. I 'll be buried with them someday.


  2. 22 hours ago, mcounci2 said:

    So I'm getting the bag set for this year, and it looks like this-

    Driver (9*)

    3W (14.5*)
    5w (18*)
    4h (22*)

    5i-9i (25*-41*)
    PW (46*)
    GW (52*)
    SW (58*)


    I've considered adding another wedge and going to 50-54-58, but I have played the 3 wedge bag for years and never find myself wishing for another club.  Driving iron maybe????  Courses I play are not super long and have hard to medium conditions, with some tight off-the-tee landing zones.  Or do I just stick with 13 and enjoy carrying a lighter bag?


    If you like your 13 club set-up consider a lefty iron for "those" situations. My brother plays to a 2 cap and can hit his lefty 8i 100 or so yards. Sometimes it's a very good weapon.


  3. 13 hours ago, ajg223 said:

    Ok so I will preface this by saying my golf game has deteriorated as I have had kids and all that comes with it. It has reached a frustrating level, but I love the game too much to hate it as much as I have recently. If that makes any sense...

    In an effort to bring back some joy and to focus a little less on score. I am thinking of playing this season with as close to a half set as I can. Will most likely be 8-9 clubs. I’m hoping this will alleviate some expectation and will make the game more “golf shots” as opposed to “golf swing”. 

    So thinking about this I’ve come up with the following:



    5 wood

    23 deg hybrid

    28 deg 

    34-35 deg

    40-41 deg

    47-48 deg 

    56 deg


    this would leave roughly 20 yard gaps through the bag with the exception of the driver. 

    My issue is choosing a manufacturer or even style of club to hit these numbers on lofts. National Custom is not a financial option and I’m not aware of any others of that vein. So my question is should I mix and match based on clubs that hit my lofts in their stock form (give or take a deg)? Or find a brand where all the clubs could have to be bent down or weak? Also, tempted to go to a more blade like head as hitting cuts to take something off, and rope draws to get a little extra will be necessary. 

    if anyone has a suggestion or experience or just has an opinion I am open to it. Thank you for listening to me think out loud. 

    Using my Tommy Armor 845s irons I built a short set. By bending some clubs 1° weak or strong I have a set with 6° gaps. 


    3h - 20°

    5i - 26°

    6i - 32°

    8i - 38°

    9i - 44°

    gw - 50°

    sw - 56°

    Add a driver and a putter and that's 9 clubs. Depending on the course sometimes I add a fairway (usually 5w) as well.



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