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  1. 22 hours ago, mcounci2 said:

    So I'm getting the bag set for this year, and it looks like this-

    Driver (9*)

    3W (14.5*)
    5w (18*)
    4h (22*)

    5i-9i (25*-41*)
    PW (46*)
    GW (52*)
    SW (58*)


    I've considered adding another wedge and going to 50-54-58, but I have played the 3 wedge bag for years and never find myself wishing for another club.  Driving iron maybe????  Courses I play are not super long and have hard to medium conditions, with some tight off-the-tee landing zones.  Or do I just stick with 13 and enjoy carrying a lighter bag?


    If you like your 13 club set-up consider a lefty iron for "those" situations. My brother plays to a 2 cap and can hit his lefty 8i 100 or so yards. Sometimes it's a very good weapon.


  2. 13 hours ago, ajg223 said:

    Ok so I will preface this by saying my golf game has deteriorated as I have had kids and all that comes with it. It has reached a frustrating level, but I love the game too much to hate it as much as I have recently. If that makes any sense...

    In an effort to bring back some joy and to focus a little less on score. I am thinking of playing this season with as close to a half set as I can. Will most likely be 8-9 clubs. I’m hoping this will alleviate some expectation and will make the game more “golf shots” as opposed to “golf swing”. 

    So thinking about this I’ve come up with the following:



    5 wood

    23 deg hybrid

    28 deg 

    34-35 deg

    40-41 deg

    47-48 deg 

    56 deg


    this would leave roughly 20 yard gaps through the bag with the exception of the driver. 

    My issue is choosing a manufacturer or even style of club to hit these numbers on lofts. National Custom is not a financial option and I’m not aware of any others of that vein. So my question is should I mix and match based on clubs that hit my lofts in their stock form (give or take a deg)? Or find a brand where all the clubs could have to be bent down or weak? Also, tempted to go to a more blade like head as hitting cuts to take something off, and rope draws to get a little extra will be necessary. 

    if anyone has a suggestion or experience or just has an opinion I am open to it. Thank you for listening to me think out loud. 

    Using my Tommy Armor 845s irons I built a short set. By bending some clubs 1° weak or strong I have a set with 6° gaps. 


    3h - 20°

    5i - 26°

    6i - 32°

    8i - 38°

    9i - 44°

    gw - 50°

    sw - 56°

    Add a driver and a putter and that's 9 clubs. Depending on the course sometimes I add a fairway (usually 5w) as well.



  3. 18 hours ago, vstensrud23 said:

    That is fantastic. Not that I'd play it, but it looks phenomenal.

    I've had one. The longer you use it you begin to get an indention where you grip it and it becomes very easy to grip the club the same way every time.


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  4. Just now, No_Catchy_Nickname said:

    The sole design is similar to the old V-steels, in that looking at the sole from front to back, there's a sort of elevated "V" (also a little similar to a "T"), which the original V-steels have. The SIM has the same sort of shape behind the speed slot.



    I so much want a V-Steel 9w.


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  5. 19 hours ago, ChipNRun said:

    What is the reason for you rarely hitting fairway wood? Pros and better competition amateurs say they hit a fairway wood off the deck maybe once or twice a round.


    Is it a matter that club choice of 4W doesn't happen often? Or, do you have trouble with the 4W?


    A 2H (about 17*?) has its uses, but may not get you out of the rough very well.

    I may not be much help, as you can see in by sig line. I'm also in the azg society. I have 4W + 7W + 4H... through there should be an asterik on my 4i.


    The 4i is 22*, an I had it refit from KBS Tour 90 to a lighter SteelFiber hybrid shaft. It is now my homemade driving iron... I use it for shorter holes where a driver would run through the landing area. It launches fairly low and hot; I play 4i from a closed stance to get a slight draw.


    (I am entering my tenth season of 4W + 7W; and I only carry three wedges.)


    As for a driving iron, do you want one that is mainly a dedicated driving iron, or do you want a couple of utility irons at the long end? You might consider softstepping your 3i to do the job.


    Two decisions you need to make:

    • What do you want the bridge clubs to do for you?
    • What do you feel comfortable hitting?

    Remember, we only get to carry 14 clubs.

    Here in Arizona a large majority of the courses are target oriented. Tee box - patch of desert - patch of grass - patch of desert - patch of grass and green complex. It's all about hitting a distance. With that in mind I've sauced out my yardages with the top of the bag with that in mind. 

    Driver: 260

    4w: 235

    7w: 215

    4h: 195


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  6. 4 hours ago, hybrid25 said:

    Maybe, but they are professionals that can make their ball stop on a dime with pin point accuracy. Many golfers rely on ball elevation to keep the ball closest to the pin. While I find it interesting that these two women don't carry a higher wedge, I don't base my game on what any professional uses or does. My game, and the game of the majority of golfers playing, cannot play like professional golfers.

    I just brought it up because someone else mentioned that all the pros use lob wedges.

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