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  1. After a dozen or so rounds with my minimalist bag I went out today with the full bag and didn't like it. Every time I went to take a club out or put one back it seemed so crowded.
  2. Value Golf has their Vertex line that is two lengths as apposed to their Pinhawk line which is single length. https://www.valuegolf.com/iron-heads/pinhawk-vertex-dual-length-iron-heads
  3. Click on the Shop Now button to get to the specs.
  4. Love my gap wedge. I use it as much as any other club in the bag if not more.
  5. Another 4w / 7w guy here.
  6. Playing in a MGA event this Sunday on a shortish course so i'm taking my minimalist bag. It goes 44° 9i, 50° gw, and 56° sw. It's really all I need from 145 yards in.
  7. Other. 47° and 51° (set wedges) then 54° and 60° (non-set wedges).
  8. Drop the 3W for a 4W and carry a 60° wedge.
  9. My carry bag goes 5w then 3h. My 3h is built to the same specs as the 3i it replaces so it has a shorter shaft than most 3 hybrids. As a result I have about a 20 yard gap between the two.
  10. I used to carry a 4h but I'm hitting my long irons pretty good right now so a 4i occupies that spot.
  11. Anybody here belong to the MGA? I'm a member of the West Valley AZ Chapter.https://www.mgatour.com/
  12. I've got a 9.5° 983K with a TT DG X100 shaft in my garage not doing anything. Just saying. :)
  13. Set GW (51°) guy here. Use it about 50/50 full swing and approach.
  14. I chip with every iron, wedge, and putter in the bag.
  15. I think I've finalized my minimalist/carry bag. D, 7w, 5i (1° strong), 6i (1° weak), 8i (1° strong), 9i (1 ° weak), 50°, 56°, P all in a TM Micro Lite 2.0 bag.
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