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  1. On 10/30/2020 at 3:02 PM, James the Hogan Fan said:

    Anyway I ordered a 64° wedge (Hireko Acer component)

    I have that same wedge. It's in the garage where it belongs. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to play with, it's just way to inconsistent to bring to the course right now.


  2. I've never been very good with a 3w off the deck. A 4w is a little better. Since I started doing the minimalist thing I've gone to a 5w/3h combo and it's working quite well. On a side note I've seen a number of PGA pros (teachers, not tour guys) who don't carry fairways. They like the 2h/4h combo and shoot in the 70's all the time. It helps that they can all chip and putt.


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  3. 8 hours ago, CSgolf006 said:

    I have been golfing a decent amount this year and hope to continue next season. I am looking to get a new set of irons and wedges. My question is if the iron set comes with a GW of ~49 degree loft and my bag only has room for 2 more wedges, is it better to get a 52 and 56 or a 56 and a 60?

    P.S. I realize its also possible to get a 54 and 60 but I don't want to break the bank and 54s seem rarer and offered by more expensive brands.

    Thanks in advance.

    Consider a component company for a better price. I use Acer wedges and the heads are only $12 ea.


  4. Driver: TM R540, TT DG S300 shaft

    Fairway: TM V-Steel 5w, TT DG S300 shaft (only in when riding)

    Hybrid: Nickent 3DX 3h, TT DG S300 shaft

    Irons: TA 845s OS RO 5, 6, 8, 9 (bent with 6° gaps), TT DG S300 shafts

    Wedges (1): TA pw, TT DG S300 shaft (only in when riding)

    Wedges (2): Acer XB Satin 50° and 56°, TT DG S300 shafts

    Grips: GP Tour Velvet +4 midsize

    Putter: Odyssey White Hot #1, Winn WinnPro x 1.32"

    Ball: Top Flite D2 Feel, yellow

    Bag: TM Micro Lite 3.0



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