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  1. I went for something that was both technically correct and looks. Club champion did a great job of that.
  2. I’m a Scotty guy for life. I’ve tried a lot of brands. But never like the feel of any of it. I know feel is subjective. But Scotty just feels better to me. That’s just my opinion. You don’t need to spend a ton on Scotty either. I look out for beat up Scotty putters and have them refinished. It’s like having a brand new putter. And it doesn’t cost a arm and a leg buying full retail price or used.
  3. > @soregongolfer said: > If the irritation is confined to the same spot, use tape or a bandage as the poster above stated. I get callouses on my non-gloved fingers. I cover the spots with tape and it works great. I’ve tried to wrap it loosely and use bandages. But overtime it comes off due to sweat.
  4. Went to the range yesterday. Tried synthetic gloves and rain gloves. Now I have small blister like bumps. Super weird, never ever had issues like this before. And this is just from 1 large bucket.
  5. Not sure if this is the right spot. But I figure golf gloves are part of golf equipment. If not, mods please move to appropriate place. But a couple of months ago. I bought a brand new 2 pack of footjoy gloves. After my first round with the new gloves. I started to get skin irritation on 2 finger. Index finger is the worst. And middle finger is just red and itchy. But I took it back and got a different brand, then another brand. But the same 2 fingers are still irritated. So now I go see a dermatologist in September. Dermatologist just tells me I have an allergic reaction to the leather. Thank you doc for that information. I seriously figured out that part myself. Told me to stop wearing the gloves and find other alternatives. And prescribed me some lotion to apply. And sent me off. I’ve done a small search and have come up empty. Tried to play with no gloves on. But is very uncomfortable. What other alternative is there that isn’t leather?
  6. Never mind, I should have read you title all the way through.
  7. Just asking, I’ve been looking at some on eBay. And if this is fake. At least it will give me a reference to what to look for.
  8. What makes you think it’s fake? The putter fake or the weights fake or both?
  9. > @Crankenstein said: > I see it there thanks! So what’s better... the recoil 95s or steelfiber 95s...? Looking for mid-high launch I went with recoils. It felt a lot better then the steel fibers. But that’s just opinion
  10. These irons are simply amazing. These irons are compact. Yet pack a lot of distance and forgiveness. So much easier to hit out of the rough then my previous Ping G410. I have yet to go left after 5 rounds of play. The gap through lob wedges are also amazing. Provides a lot of back spin.
  11. > @pholway said: > I dont see why anyone would want a new driver every 90 days ..... :p A lot of people out there that like to tinker around. And so I think that’s how the> @MrMojoRisen said: > > @pholway said: > > I dont see why anyone would want a new driver every 90 days ..... :p > > you dont get a driver every 90 days. 90 days is the minimum commitment. after 90 days, you can return the club and cancel your membership. Here is a blurb i pulled off their facebook page when someone asked about how the club works. > > "The club is simple. You pick a driver and pay 30 a month. The minimum commitment is 90 days. At which point you can keep enjoying the driver you have for $30 a month, you can cancel your membership and return the driver or you can upgrade to something else. If at any point you want to own the club, you can purchase it. The price is the retail price minus what you have already spent. The retail price is set by the manufacturer and does not change over the course of the year. " > I think he was being sarcastic.
  12. > @Andyhfc said: > My fitter put me on track man and turns out Zelos 6 is the best suitable shaft. I m still unsure as it seems to be too soft to me. Should I follow his recommendation. > Note: my speed s 75mph. Go by what feels best for you. I went to a fitting for graphite shafts. The fitter recommend I go in the 90g weight and regular. But I ended up going to recoil 80 in stiff. And really happy I went that route. It does feel lighter for sure. But I swing a lot smoother, but still maintains the same swing speed from before.
  13. Custom refinished Scotty Cameron circa 62 # 2, and 2 custom refinished Scotty Cameron Newport 1.5 with gss insert. All the same specs. I can putt with either putters with massive amounts of confidence.
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