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  1. Basically new, used for 18 holes, Srixon ZX7 9.5* driver. Shafted with Aldila Rogue white 130msi 60S, + 1/4” and GP CP2 wrap midsize grip. HC and tool included. NOW $395 shipped CONUS.
  2. Thanks for the info, I’ll contact him.
  3. I’m not sure if this is the right thread but...does anyone know any miura dealer that will sell an individual head/club? Looking for a left hand cb y-grind replacement. Thanks
  4. Up for sale is a like new set of z585 irons. Set make up is 4-pw +1/2” long, std loft/lie, PX LZ 6.0 shafts, Midsize GP blue new decade multicompound grips. Purchased new directly from Srixon and used for 4 rounds. I really wanted to like these irons but they don’t fit my eye. $700 $650 SOLD shipped to CONUS.
  5. I saw those pics on FB, that’s almost exactly what I’m looking for. I love my Tyne but won’t something customized. Do you know what the starting price was?
  6. > @5hort5tuff said: > Mackmade workshop makes a very nice winged mallet quite similar in shape to the Tyne. It's not the cheapest out there but its very nice > > Lajosi makes a #7 style but not exactly square like the Tyne. > > Lamont would likely make you one if you can secure it and get it in the works. > > Lumpy would make you anything but I'm not 100% sure he is still taking orders on anything/where his business is st currently. > > All will run you upwards of $500 usd. Thanks for the info. Our second son is due in 4 weeks and I want to hav
  7. Hey guys, Looking for some suggestions, or direction if you will, finding someone who can produce a custom putter with a similar design to the Ping Sigma 2 Tyne. I’ve searched a few websites without much success. Are there any artisans out there who can do this or are we limited to models available on their websites? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. 1. First up is a 2006 Scotty Cameron Napa Valley putter. Comes with original head cover and leather grip. I purchased this from another member a few months back and it has been sitting in the closet. Had plans to put this up on the wall but have baby #2 on the way so it needs a new home. It has not seen outdoors. Pics tell the story. SOLD 2. Set of Ping iE1 irons 4-pw. Specs are black dot, + 1/2", std loft, midsize ping grips. Nippon Modus 105 stiff flex shafts. These were used sparingly for 3 seasons. No dings or gouges. Grooves are in excellent condition. SOLD.
  9. Up for sale is a Taylormade spider tour black 35" putter. It is like new and comes with matching head cover. There is a small nick where the face meets the top of the putter from putting it back in the bag, other than that it is flawless. No rub marks or scratches on shaft. SOLD shipped CONUS. * Trades- Odyssey stroke lab seven*
  10. Hey guys, just one item up for sale today. Trade interests include: mizuno jpx 900 forged, AP2's or something along those lines. - Ping i e1 irons 4-PW, std lie (black dot) and +1/2" long. Come with factory installed Nippon modus NS 105 stiff flex and midsize grips. These have been gamed for 1 full season. No dings or gouges, grooves still have plenty of life. Looking for NOW $375 shipped to CONUS. Will ship to Canada for an additional fee.
  11. Hey fellow Wrx's, I've been having some issues with a contractor I hired for a siding job. 1st time homeowner here and I'm starting think I went about this process all wrong. We have a civil contract he put together, which describes his scope of work to be completed, color of siding, and money that was exchanged but no completion date (he verbally told me 5-7 days). Long story short, we've had 3 different start dates in which he didn't show or call. He finally showed up 2 weeks ago (on 4/30). From 4/30-5/12, there have been 5 no call/no show days. When he does show, he works anywhere from 1
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