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  1. I’m not really sure what it was about it, could have been swingweight. I like the feel of the 125g modus in it now and the tensei was 90tx felt to light. I got a Matrix Black Tie HM3 105 for $15 so I’m gonna try that, if I don’t get along with that I’m just going to stick with steel. I just don’t like shafts that are soft in the butt section because I hold a lot of lag in my swing, I enjoy the Tensei Blue in my hybrid.

  2. Hey all, curious if anyone has any suggestions for a P790 UDI 2 iron shaft. Driver SS 115-118 AD-GP 7X and 6 iron SS 96 with project X 6.0. Currently playing a Modus 130s and I hit it high and long about 240 all carry. Looking to get a lower more penetrating flight off the tee with some roll out for the wind. Tried Tensei pro white 90 TX and absolutely hated it. Any suggestions on a shaft that would be suited for me?

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