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  1. Kayeton on Amazon. Not great, but you can’t do much better for $100 a pop. Club and ball will be really blurry, but you can at least see body movements.
  2. We use ours along with a budget dual camera system. I’m no swing coach, but it’s good to have a launch monitor around so we can see the effect of swing changes.
  3. Good to know you guys are having success with The Stack. My kid is probably too young for it right now. He would start to chase numbers and use his arms and flip in his swing. He doesn’t have the self control to keep the swing the same.
  4. Yeah, speed stick messes with my kid’s swing too. Wasted a few hundred bucks on The Stack.
  5. I believe in USKG local tournaments, 7 year olds play roughly 220 par 4’s.
  6. Yeah why not? I’m throwing my kid in Cal Junior NexGen (10-11) as soon as he turns 9. Two days 36 holes walking no caddy. Good luck this weekend!
  7. My kid played Taylormade project (a) at those speeds. He’s not much faster now, but still plays the same ball.
  8. I think the TS3 wedges are great. With the right technique an 8 year old can stop the ball dead on 2nd hop out of the bunker. 10-20 yards chips will only roll 2-3 yards with a wide to wide (shallow) type chipping technique. In MY experience I’ve yet to see a situation where the TS3 wedges won’t do. I don’t know, but maybe it’s different at DCP competitions?
  9. That’s what I figured. We have an exemption for this year. But looking at boys 9-10 and above’s yardages, I’m not so sure we’ll ever get to play again.
  10. We still get a lot more spots than other countries though. I’ve been following the two kids from Japan that we played with 2 years ago. Their journey to representing their country again this year was not easy.
  11. Did you guys play boys 7-8 in the previous years?
  12. Which division is your kid playing in? The courses are all over the place. We’ll be at Singing Hills.
  13. Trackman can track the roll too? That’s pretty impressive. My Tour Xi tracks the entire ball flight, but calculates the roll out.
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