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  1. TM fitting day at our club today, talked to the guy and he said no more heads until March.
  2. My kid is left eye dominate (right handed golfer). Every putter we’ve tried (not many) looks to be aiming left to him. Right now we’re relying heavily on aiming the ball and trusting that aim to make a putt. His speed control, start line, and stroke is more or less okay. The whole left eye dominate thing is his biggest set back at the moment. Do you guys have any experience to share? Thanks.
  3. Most of us have been down this road. I bought 3 drivers and 10+ shafts in the past 3 years when my son was between 6-9 years old. You’re not gonna gain much with a 58-60mph SS, but I understand it’s fun to try. Go ahead and buy a Tsi1 with the stock Aldila Ascent 35 shaft. It’s the softest L flex shaft I’ve ever owned and it should be good for your kid when she gets a little stronger.
  4. We have been working with a fitness coach since the day my kid turned 7. He’s 9 now, 54” 65lbs 70mph SS. We have been told to stay away from speed sticks, and only do a few reps of the lightest stick if we REALLY wanted to. I’d start with a fitness program and swing sequencing if you are concerned about swing speed. Speed stick has its uses, but probably not at this age when power/swing sequence aren’t even there.
  5. Or you can try Par4Success (online).
  6. To me, head + adapter is the real head weight. I don’t think it makes sense to add adapter weight to the shaft weight. So Tsi1 (184g) + Titleist adapter (8g from quick google search) = 192g. I think Tsi1 with a fixed hosel would be the ultimate Jr driver, but too bad they don’t make them like that.
  7. What’s the Tsi1 head weight? And adapter + screw weight?
  8. Tsi1 with the adjustable adapter on the shaft is in the 190’s. Probably not a good idea for 60mph swing speed. Basically nothing from OEM is light enough for 60mph.
  9. Sim 2 Max is extremely adjustable. It’s 194g with 24g in the back and 4g in front. You can swap the front for a 2g and the back for a 6g weight. The new total will be 174g. Just saying it’s possible, but not really recommending you to build it that way though.
  10. If you wanna fine tune the back weight without breaking the bank, then I suggest you get some tungsten putty. Buy a 10g and 16g back weight. Use the weight as is or fill the back cavity with tungsten putty. You should be able to squeeze a maximum of 4g into the back. Your 10g weight will now be adjustable between 10-14g.
  11. We have the Flightscope Tour Xi. It’s plenty accurate when we use it outside, but I don’t think it made my kid much better. I use it for: Club yardages Swing/ball speed Comparing equipment DIY driver fitting Check swing path and face to path Occasional simulation golf in preparation for tournaments
  12. I think it depends on AOA and shaft flex/profile. Most likely don’t need anything more than 10.5*.
  13. 1) If money isn’t really an issue, then just order the TS3 60-63 set now as they might be out of stock. My son’s 54-57 took more than a month. 2) Yes, you can use better woods. You might pick up a tiny bit of distance, but the main part would be forgiveness. Again, you probably don’t need a fitting for the woods. As long as the woods aren’t too heavy your daughter will be fine. Quite a few here recommend Titleist Tsi1 woods. To be honest, clubs isn’t the issue here if you want more distance. My young 9 year old son is 53-54” tall and 66lbs which is pretty dead average for his age. His driver speed is 70mph. Your daughter has a lot more in her, you should focus more on her swing instead.
  14. I’d wait and save the money. For your present goal (US Kids 9-10 girl tournaments), she doesn’t need more distance. Spend some time to get her driver going straight and improve her short game. She can shoot under par easily with that distance.
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