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  1. I liked the title of this thread. I was hoping this would be a collection of experiences on things to watch out for regarding your own kid. For example, I wasn’t aware until last week that the player can’t put his/her palm on the putting green. We’ve played tournaments for 2 years and almost every time my kid marks his ball with his right hand, his left hand/palm is touching the green to balance himself. Now I see why most players stick their putter on the ground to balance.
  2. A fitted shaft is the fastest (provided that’s what you’re fitting for). But most of the time on this forum, we emphasize weight savings to try to get our kids into OEM heads as early as possible for that little bit of extra distance/forgiveness.
  3. Our local club champion said 12 years old and cool club said 5ft tall. I’m guessing most fitters don’t have shorter shafts for kids below 5ft tall.
  4. Grand Bassara was the lightest, but all adult shafts in the 40-45g category will end up pretty much the same after you shorten them to kids’ length as Darter pointed out above. We didn’t really see much difference in total distance between the shafts, but GB felt the smoothest to swing according to my kid.
  5. That’s what I’m saying, just didn’t word it well. Flynn shafts are light in weight, but some of the adult offerings are even lighter and more extreme in weight savings. I weighted and built a few shafts last year, but don’t have the exact numbers anymore.
  6. Lol, talk to the owner, this course need a break for sure.
  7. We’re still seeing the last coach that you recommended and really impressed week after week.
  8. Hey thanks Kekoa, kinda “glad” to know that even a top junior golfer like your kid struggles with some of the same things. This really helps me adjust my expectations for my 8 year old.
  9. Yes, Flynn shafts or adult shafts depending on swing speed. Flynn offers softer shafts than adult’s. Flynn is light in weight, but not extreme like some of the adult offerings (Grand Bassara/Air Speeder).
  10. I’d love to hear more explanations from the experienced parents here. I’m pretty sure at one point their kids jumped, crunched, dipped, and/or flipped. My kid dips his head a lot.
  11. Same here, clicgear 4 with a seat. If you have younger juniors, clicgear 4 is a good choice because the top strap is height adjustable meaning it’ll hold shorter golf bags. I’ve seen people having to prop the bag up higher with a basketball on the older clicgear models.
  12. My kid is a year older than yours now, but I played around with clubs/shafts a lot when he was 6 and 7. In my opinion, OEM fairway heads with bottom weights removed is usable, but you should still dig around to find the lighter ones of the bunch. Hybrid heads are all way to heavy as far as I know.
  13. 8 YO boy, Cobra Junior SZ driver and SZ fairway wood. Both with Grand Bassara 39 in lite flex.
  14. Curious which driver shaft did you guys end up using?
  15. I blame Jr golf. I drifted away from photography when my son started playing
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