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  1. Any idea what the difference is between the two itsy bitsy models?
  2. DJ should go back to his black Spider......he never will be the best putter, but at least made a few putts (and looked somewhat confident) with his spider.
  3. I tried posting this on the putter forum but got no response....so trying here instead.... Can someone please explain the differences in the below Spider putters? I am looking to purchase one, just unsure what makes each one different. Appreciate the information!!
  4. Maybe some pictures would help to clarify.....
  5. Looking to buy a black itsy bitsy, but see a few different versions and am unsure of what the differences are. The ones I see on eBay either have on the sole Spider in script w/ Tour underneath a badge that says Spider with limited underneath it and underneath that an image of a spidera badge that just says spider with an image of a spider underneath it Any help to deceiver what the difference is in each putter is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I recently acquired a Scotty Cameron Newport Beach Tour putter from a reputable friend. I know that if I want to try and sell it (on eBay) that I need to get a COA from Scotty to show it’s authenticity. My question is: what does the workshop do to ensure that it is truly authentic? Without any serial number on these putters how do they tell if it’s the real thing or not? Will they be able to tell who it was built for or if it was ever “gamed”? Appreciate any help!
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Are those heads, with that stamping, more valuable/collectable than the newer Circle T's?
  8. Looking at Scotty's Instagram, I came across the attached picture (assuming it's Justin Thomas'). Does anyone know if Scotty stamped his tour putters with "TOUR CAMERON" for only certain players, and/or how old these putters with this stamp is? Thanks for the input!
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