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  1. Just to clarify. The video is edited. I cut out my preshot routine. I approach the ball, measure first, get comfortable in my stance, do a few waggles, then address the ball.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I wasn't expecting to use my track man stats when I started the thread or I would have cleaned them up a bit. On the 6 iron, 2 shots were mishits and 1 looks like a misread. I just wanted to show what my launch angles were on the well struck balls. I am not looking to gain any distance with irons, I just want a more controlled ball flight. I play in a handful of local amateur stroke play events every year and almost without exception the guys kicking my butt have a lower ball flight. I should have noted that I also hit a fade. And a pretty sizable one with longer iro
  3. Thanks. trackman numbers for pitching wedge attached. No idea how they compare to other players I’m just going by what my eyes tell me.
  4. I hit the ball higher than most of the good players that I play with and I believe it is a factor in my lack of distance control. I have a few good strikes per round that don’t fly the distance I believe they should. Does anyone see anything in my swing that I can adjust to hit the ball lower? How do good players flight the ball down?
  5. I bought a real feel golf mat for my garage set up. Within two months I had golfers elbow, wrist pain, and an intercostal muscle tear which sidelined me from completely touching a club for two months. get a mat that is forgiving.
  6. He’s talking about Hitting a 3W off the tee right ? All the advice is assuming he’s hitting off the deck.
  7. when I read the title I thought it would be between Korn ferry and European tour. I’d pick Korn ferry. Have zero desire the leave the US for any extended period
  8. There are four of us heading to Estero,FL in late January. I’m down there a few times each winter and am familiar with most of the courses in the area. Golf down there is extremely expensive this time of year and I Never seem to find decent rates. We are looking to play 6 rounds over a four day period. Does anyone know of any deals in the area or tricks of the trade to find some discounted rates? I normally use golf now or just book directly on the course website. We would like to play the nicer courses and keep the average rate at around $100. Is this possible ? Thanks.
  9. Took about 10 swings trying to get the club deeper and it feels awesome. Haven’t hit a ball outside yet but want to make sure this swing represents what you guys think I should be doing before I really practice it. Thanks for all the feedback !
  10. > @iteachgolf said: > > @thebogeyputt said: > > In your backswing you don't create enough depth with your lead arm (left arm for you). Shaft looks laid off by p3 (left arm parallel to ground), which wants to steepen in transition. Ideally you want more lead arm depth in your backswing, and load the shaft vertically (use of proper wrist hinge) and try to eliminate the "arm lift" you do. Your arms want to lift because you're not creating enough depth > > > > long story short: you want a vertically loaded shaft with hands/lead arm deeper in your pivot, which helps
  11. Attached should be a video of my swing. Am I shallowing the club enough ? Is there anything specific in my swing that is preventing me from shallowing the club in transition? I’ve been trying to shallow it more for months with zero success. I tend to pull the ball. Thanks in advance.
  12. Lost a little respect for bones caddying ability today. He Questioned Rory hitting driver on 16. Who then proceeded to hit it 345 which gave him a short iron into the green. Bones then questioned the yardage Rory got from his caddie on 17 implying he gave Rory too much club. Rory barley got it to the green and a fair amount of players came up short down the stretch.
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